How many SAT II's (yea I know there's a post at the top of the page)

<p>If I take math II and chemistry and score well on them.
how would that compare with the same plus a good physics score? All they require is two, but is it necessary to have three or more in order to look good?</p>

<p>I am quite confident that they actually mean what they write.
So somebody preparing your file will look at your test scores, take the two highest and chuck away any other. And the next somebody reading your file won't see more than your best two scores.
I think I've once read a comment stating something similar. But of course I do not have any inside knowledge.</p>

<p>From Matt's blog, [url=]Testing Requirements:

Q. Which SAT Subject Tests should I take?</p>

<p>A. We do not have a preference. You should take the tests for which you're best prepared and best suited. If you have taken more than one test in a category, we will use the test which makes you look best.


Matti is correct -- the person reading your file will note the best math SAT II score and the best science SAT II score, regardless of which tests they were in, and no one else will see that you had more than two SAT IIs.</p>

<p>If you want to take a 3rd one, since some schools want 3, you should take the third one in different subjects like in language or history.</p>

<p>is world history SAT II like european history?
because I totally slacked off in US history and bombed every single test. European history is going well though</p>

<p>world includes a lot of stuff covered in European but that's probably only 1/3 of the test... the rest is china, rome, etc</p>