How many SAT IIs?

<p>Princeton's site says they require3 SAT IIs but I am taking only 2 this saturday(math II, physics) and really don't have another subject where I can take an sat II.</p>

<p>Does the writing part of the new SAT I count?</p>


<p>Sorry, it doesn't. You have to find a third. Take one in November. I think it's too late for ED, but I dunno, call up the admissions office and ask.</p>

<p>Nov 5, isnt too late. the application states: Make sure you have completed both the SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests no later than the November 5, 2005 test date, and have the official results sent to Princeton by the testing agency. you would still have time.</p>

<p>If you're taking a Nov. 5th SAT ii exam, what do you write on the application when it asks of you the "highest score to date"? I took math iic and did poorly in June, do I write this down on the app even though I'm pretty sure I'll do better in November? Will it hurt my application?</p>