How many schools to apply to?

<p>Topic question. I don't mind writing essays and all that jazz, but I fear approaching my teacher with a ton of envelopes and asking her to fill out a ton of recommendation forms.</p>

<p>BTW, is it okay to photocopy common app recommendations to save time? If so, it would make my teachers life a lot easier.</p>


<p>EDIT: I looked at the stickied post, but I'm looking for some advice for the circumstances I talked about.</p>

<p>It's normal to have the teacher print multiple copies of the rec but sign each one in original ink-also signed across the back of each sealed envelope addressed to each college. So, for example, up to six colleges with six copies of recs would be pretty normal.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info pyewacket, but I'm a little confused.</p>

<p>The Common App recommendation is a form, so I believe they have to fill it out by hand. I was thinking maybe they could fill it out once, except for the signature, photocopy it for whatever number of schools, and just sign each one?</p>

<p>I kind of dread telling my teacher "Okay, fill this out and copy it word for word 5 more times for these other schools."</p>

<p>Haha, I'm applying to 11-12 schools. I HOPE my teachers won't be in a bad mood after they see the stack of envelopes I'm handing them... :) </p>

<p>Most of my teachers HAVE an electronic copy of the common app on their comp files somewhere, so you could and go ask the specific teacher you're asking what she'd like you to do (ie copy the common app six times), though I highly doubt she'd want to rewrite it six times... what some of my teachers do is they type the blurb they have to write and just adjust the name of the school/whatever and attach it to the reccomendation... </p>

<p>But just to make their lives easier (and feel not as bogged down while writing!) make sure you have a clear list of all your schools and whatnot, self-addressed envelopes with the college addresses, your ssn and all that jazz, and whatever information they'll need :)</p>

<p>From what I experienced with applying to 12 colleges last year [though granted 11 of them were through the common app], that the most common practice of writing recommendations is the teacher will write one generic essay/letter about you [though they will often mention a certain college if asked], and for the rest of the paperwork they will just say * See Attached * for any questions posed of them, so really recommendations are just busywork b/c they just have to fill out personal information, do the checkboxes, and generally write see attached and then they just make copies [if it's the common app]. Granted, the teachers are still putting plenty of effort into these recommendations so make sure, especially if you have a large amount of applications to get in these forms ASAP, and remember to thank them graciously before and after.</p>

<p>Personally I feel...they make us do work in school, so lets give them the same pleasure of work that they gave us :p .</p>