How many spots for EC's

<p>How much room do we have for EC's? I'm guessing this is for common app.</p>

<p>On the Common App, there are 10 spots for EC's.</p>

<p>I'm now kind of disappointed in myself for answering this instead of making you Google "Common App."</p>

<p>Keep in mind that you can group your ECs: Musical performance (and then list lessons, performances, the a cappella group, the choir, etc...) for example. You won't run out of space that way, and the 'themes' in your application are often made clearer when you can group them.</p>

<p>Thanks M's mom!That's what I think I'll do great suggestion. I realize that was a really dumb question. </p>

<p>What do they mean by "if you need more space, please use the Additional Information area of the Writing section". </p>

<p>Is this if you have more EC's? Or if you want to elaborate on one that you didn't have room for in the "details/accomplishments"?</p>

<p>That space is usually if there are special circumstances that you want to share that didn't fit anywhere else in your application, not for additional ECs. For example, your grades took a precipitious dip one semester due to an illness, or you had a bad year when your parents got divorced. Ideally, it's the kind of thing that your guidence counselor would know about and mention - but if they didn't, this is your chance.</p>

<p>you really shouldn't need more room for EC's. if you do, cut some out. colleges don't care about a club you devoted 10 minutes/ week to.</p>