How many students are selected for the scholars programs?

Does anyone know how many students are selected for the scholars programs? I read that students will be notified around 2/5 if they have been selected, but I could not find any information about how many scholarships are offered.

My son got email saying decisions would be sent between 2/5 and 4/1.

My son got the same email 2/5-4/1

This was found in the Fellows & Program packet:
Honors Fellows - 45
Elon College Fellows - 50
Communication Fellows - 30
Business Fellows - 30
Teaching Fellows - 25
Isabella Cannon Leadership - 25
Engineering Scholars - 20
Change Maker Scholars - 15
Sports Vision Scholars - 15
Health Scholars- 15
Legal Scholars -15

Did anyone’s kid apply for Accelerated PA/PT and did they hear. We got emails and were directed to portal… no updates. Not sure what that even means

My daughter applied for the Accelerated PA/PT program and received an invitation (via the portal) to interview during the Fellows weekend.

I did see the the email communication that said kids would be notified between 2/5 - 4/1, but this is what it said on the website:

“Scholars applications are also reviewed after January 15. Students elected for Change Makers, Elon Sports Vision, Health Professions or Legal Professions Scholars will be notified around February 5 and do not need to attend Fellows & Engineering Weekend.”

Given the information above about the very low number of scholars awards I think I may have already spent too much time investigating this - LOL

Did anyone get any notification yesterday on Scholars? My son applied but he also applied RD so not sure if he would even get consideration if most of the spots would already be awarded

My son applied for Legal Scholars and got it! He applied ED, don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

My daughter applied for Health Science Scholars and received an email last night that she got it! She applied EA.

Did they let you know what the monetary award was ?

The legal scholars program is $4,500/year for all 4 years with GPA requirements.