How many students does an Academic Director work with?

<p>And how resourceful do you think they are? What are the differences between ADs and Pre-major advisors?</p>

<p>There are generally 1-2 academic directors per residence hall (not individual dorms). So, for instance, Wilbur Hall has 8 dorms with 707 students with 2 academic advisors. So that puts it at about 350 students per AD (for Wilbur at least). I did go to my AD, and they know some things, but a lot of the time its up to you to figure out your own classes and academics. Mainly because the academic directors are staff that never really took Stanford classes themselves, so I often find seniors or upperclassmen offer as good advice as an AD, if not better. If you have questions about classes for a specific department, I encourage going to the department and asking them to hook you up with a Senior or Junior in the major. Student services for each department is also very helpful in regards to academic concerns. If you are a pre-med or pre-law student, there are special advisors for both also. I have heard ADs can be a good resource, but they weren't for me. </p>

<p>ADs help you out with anything academic related, whereas pre-major advisors are (sometimes arbitrarily) assigned faculty or staff that help you mainly out with non-academic concerns (extracurriculars, if you're adjusting to Stanford alright, that kind of stuff). If they happen to be in your field, all the better, but this is not always the case. I indicated that my interest was in Biology, and Stanford paired me up one of the heads of the Women's Community Center (I was her only male advisee...). She was super nice, but our areas of interest just didn't overlap. I have heard people can get awesome pre-major advisors as well, so this might just be me.</p>