How many subject tests should I take?

<p>I'm a sophomore right now, and I was wondering how many SATII tests most colleges want. Next year I am taking AP Calc, AP Bio, APUSH, and either APES, AP Physics, or AP Computer science. I want to major in science or math of some sort, so I was thinking I would take Math II and bio at the end of the year. </p>

<p>Would a third test be recommended? Like maybe APUSH? Or should I just focus on two in my immediate subject area? And how long did most of you spend studying for a particular subject test?</p>

<p>*sorry I meant the USH SATII not APUSH</p>

<p>If you’re applying to colleges that want subject tests, two is generally the requirement, except for the “strongly recommended” three at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins.</p>

<p>Get some subject test books and take a couple practice tests. Study as much as you need to in order to raise your score the desired amount; don’t go in blind.</p>

<p>Also, in the bottom right corner of your post, there is an “Edit” button that remains there for a number of minutes; you can edit your post if you discover an error.</p>

<p>Okay sounds good. Thank you! At school that generally want two, will they care if you give a third? Like will they regard you as a better applicant? </p>

<p>And yeah I know I’m on my phone so I can’t haha.</p>

<p>Another high score can only help, but I don’t imagine it would make a large difference.</p>

<p>Okay that helped a lot. Oh and what about retaking them for a better score? Will colleges see both or only the better one?</p>

<p>i think they only see what you send to them.</p>