How many times can you take??

The school of my choice super score the SAT does that mean I can take it as many times or can I only take the recommended 3.

Thank you for you answer

infinity times

and the college of my choice doesnt see that right ?? @swagmoney00

Colleges that superscore do not state limits to number of times you can take the test, although a number state such things as taking it more than twice or three times is generally not helpful. For most colleges, including those that superscore SAT tests, you can choose which tests to send when ordering them sent through College Board. However, some colleges require you to send all SAT scores, see e.g., discussion of matter here

Moreover, preventing College Board from sending scores may not be enough to prevent the college from learning your sxcores even if the college does not require all scores. That is because many high schools put all your scores on the high school transcript that is sent to colleges and you need to determine if yours does so.

Another caveat is, for example, you get a 35 ACT the first time and take the test multiple times in search of that perfect 36. Top colleges may consider that a negative, labelling you as too focused on test scores.

@TomSrOfBoston So they do see each time you take the SAT ??

Depends on the school’s policy as stated in the admissions website.

You can take it as many times as you want. Some colleges want you to submit all scores, some just want your best, others want your two best (to superscore).
It all depends on the college.

Practically, little improvement can be made after the third attempt if you do some minimal preparation between tests. If you are using real test as practice, it is a waste of money and time.