how many times should i take SAT?

<p>i am currently a junior, and i am planning on taking SAT on Jan 2010 for first time.
I am wondering how many times should I take SAT? help please</p>

<p>Hopefully you'll only need to take it once! But, taking it for the first time in the winter of your junior year is probably not going to give you your best possible score. I usually recommend waiting until May of your junior year to take it for the first time, but if you're shooting for January, plan on taking it once more either in May/June, or October of your senior year. Just my two cents.</p>

<p>3 times I think is the best.</p>

<p>it all depends on your score and if theyre in the range of the colleges you want to go to... 2 minimum id say... if i were you id take it jan march april and then some sat IIs in june (if your colleges require them) and if you mess up you have some testing sessions senior year to make up for any bad scores.</p>

<p>sooo, about 2-3 time for SAT I? (regarding what i receive)
thanks a lot guys</p>

<p>Infinitely as time permits. No penalty for going at it again. Your score won't change much beyond the 3-4th test though, so money-wise, take it fewer times--if money is not an issue, you can contrinue to take more and more of them.</p>

<p>Actually schools might see it as a bad thing if you take the sat many times and you dont make that much progress.</p>

<p>Well, I never had any real idea how the score choice worked, so I just went with the logical number.
3 is usually best, one mid-junior year, one end of junior year, and one at the beginning of senior year.</p>