How many times should one take the SAT?

<p>I'm a current sophomore, and I'm slated to take the November SAT. I took them under the JHU Talent Search program in 7th and 8th grade, and did relatively well (1130 and 1250, respectively). I wanted to take the old SAT one last time for the sake of my own sanity, and to see what I'd get before the new SAT is implemented. </p>

<p>However, seeing as I'm a sophomore, I'd have to take the new SAT for admissions. This means that in addition to taking them this year, I'd take the new one up to 3 times. This could add up to a potential 4 times taking the SAT... would this be detrimental for my applications? I love Georgetown and George Washington, but I'm also considering other strong poli sci/international relations/econ schools. I don't want to seem as if I've taken it too many times, but would it be understandable if one of those times was as a sophomore? Would this be seen/recognized as being taken sophomore year? Should I cancel my testing spot?</p>

<p>dont take the sat more than three times. period. most schools, at least ivies, wont even accept the old sat. you might want to cancel.
however, i took the jhu talent search ones for 7th and 8th and those arent seen by colleges. hope that helps.</p>

<p>Oh, and I'm aiming for a 2400. I wholly believe this is possible, and I really need it as my class rank/GPA are a bit heinous. I'd appreciate any input, as I'm sort of panicked right now.</p>

<p>Colleges say three times max. And it is almost impossible to get a 1600 in one sitting, so I would think that it would be tough to get a 2400 in one sitting. But good luck with that!</p>

<p>bump, as November 6th is rapidly approaching</p>

<p>As you are a sophmore, you have no need to take the current SAT. I don't even think schools will see these score as all student from your grade will be required to take the new SAT's. Are you just taking them for practice? If you want practice, just use the 10 real SAT book. Ther is no reason to take the test this Saturday; it is a waste of time and money. Give your spot up to a senior that needs to take the test standby!!</p>

<p>I would not take the SAT until are wasting money. This score won't even count, and the new SAT is formatted differently, so your score on this one won't gage your score on the new one.</p>

<p>Wait until your junior year. However, don't listen to others that are telling you not to take it more than three times or anything like that. Most colleges don't really care how many times you take it. That being said, don't take it a million times! Take some time, study, do well, and be done with it.</p>