How many total shirts and pants did you bring? (Incoming freshman)

<p>How many total shirts and pants did you bring? (Incoming freshman)</p>

<p>Shirts include t-shirts, shirts you wear to bed, casual shirts, and dress shirts.
Pants include shirts, casual pants, khakis, chinos, jeans, dress pants, and sweats.</p>

<p>I totally don't know what to bring. I'm fashionist and right now I'm sitting at around 25-30 shirts and about 13 pants (along with 10 belts).</p>

<p>I'm a bit of a "divo" haha (I hate to admit)... I'm a guy obviously...</p>

<p>I have around 25-30 shirts, 12-14 pants, and 12 belts.</p>

<p>Is that too much? How much is too much?</p>

<p>Honestly, yeah.</p>

<p>Are all those shirts like legit shirts? (polos, t-shirts, dress shirts, etc) or are some just simple white t's/muscle shirts?</p>

<p>I'm probably going to bring 20 shirts, 5 jackets/sweaters, 4 pants, 3 belts.</p>

<p>I brought way too many clothes my freshman year. I had over 20 shirts and over 15 pairs of pants, skirts, shorts, and close to 10 dresses. I ended up wearing my favorite things over and over and the rest of my clothes just took up unnecessary space. </p>

<p>One thing I wouldn't skimp on are really comfortable clothes. Once you're over the initial excitement of being in college, the first things you're going to gravitate to on cold early morning classes are your comfiest jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc. So make sure to have plenty of those handy.</p>

<p>Holy ... I'm planning on bringing half or even less than half of what they're bringing ... I'm not that big on clothes though so that could be why.</p>

<p>I also heard you shouldn't bring too many shirts since you pretty much get a free shirt for every group you join (although maybe other people mind wearing free shirts :))</p>

<p>...I was only planning on bringing 7 sets of clothes in total. Something like 4 jackets, 1 coat, 10-ish shirts (at most, but a lot of them are plain) and 7-8-ish pants. Probably no more than 4 sets of shoes, if that.</p>

<p>Are you guys male or female? I think that might provide a little much-needed clarification...</p>

<p>^ haha I think I'm going for even less than you are. I'm a guy, of course :)</p>

<p>The head of my region's alumni group e-mailed us all a letter and he recommended 5-7 shirts ...</p>

<p>Sounds about right. I brought two "laundry-loads" to be able to do laundry not too often while having extras for those times when I get lazy or don't have the time.</p>

<p>80% of my shirts go with 80% of my pants and vice versa.</p>

<p>3-4 dress shirts, 6 sport/casual shirts (parties, going downtown, etc), 10 polos, 4 quality t-shirts, a bunch of white undershirts and free t-shirts for use when working out, 2 workout/running shirts.</p>

<p>3 pairs jeans (getting more when it gets cold, can't really wear jeans until October in Texas), 2-3 pairs khakis, 2 pairs slacks, 3 pairs shorts, 2 pairs athletic shorts, 1 pair running shorts.</p>

<p>No jackets/coats yet, I really just need one, and not until November or later.</p>

<p>Bump! Thanks for the input guys! I'm mainly a jeans/khakis + t-shirt kind of a guy, but I do like to dress up now and then lol! Who doesn't?</p>

<p>Oh god. You guys are really packing light. I've only packed pants so far and I have about 12 pars of jeans, 4 pairs of sweats, 5 skirts, and 5 pairs of shorts.</p>

<p>I didn't pack yet, but...I guess 2-3 pairs of jeans (I'd like a couple more though), 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of dress pants, a skirt, 2 athletic shorts...yeah.</p>

<p>The shirts are harder because it's more choosing from what I have than bringing all of them. I expect to be wearing at least a light jacket a lot, so I probably don't need that many shirts, just layering stuff.
Yay, different climates!
Not really, I have to do some shopping.</p>

<p>Side note on the free shirts, I just got my first one at the send off thing here. Whoo.</p>

<p>I'm bringing somewhere around 25-30 shirts. This includes regular t shirts and several dressy shirts/blouses that I have been strongly advised to bring.</p>

<p>I also have somewhere between 7-10 jeans/shorts, as well as 2 pair of dress pants. I'm not bringing any sweats because I don't like them so much. I'll also bring a dress or two and a skirt.</p>

<p>Shoes: hmm. Not really sure how many to bring. I'll probably bring more than necessary until I get a feel for how many I really need, then I'll take the ones I don't wear home. I'll have a big combination of flats, slides, sandals, heels, and a pair of sneakers.</p>

<p>I dunno yet what I'm gonna bring; don't really want to think about it. But I suppose...
-2 belts
-4 athletic shorts (doubles at PJs?)
-5 white t-shirts (sleep, lounge?)
-4 regular shorts
-2 jeans
-1 dress pant
-5 shirts
-4 polos
-8 underwear/socks (week+1day?)
and then once winter comes trade out the shorts and 2 of the running shorts for more jeans, khakis, a hoody, long sleeve shirts, etc.
I'm just assuming that if I do laundry once a week I should have enough clean clothes...and then if I get lazy I have extra (or something I didn't wear 4days straight)</p>

<p>You people are craaaazzzzzyyyy.</p>

<p>I'm mulling this over as well. So far:</p>

<p>12 ts
4 undershirts (2 crewneck, 2 v-neck)
2 athletic ts
8 polo shirts
11 sport shirts
4 dress shirts</p>

<p>2 leather jackets
3 cardigans
1 sportcoat
1 suit</p>

<p>10 pairs of socks
10 pairs of underwear
3 belts</p>

<p>2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of khakis
1 pair of dress trousers
5 pairs of shorts
1 pair of sweats
2 pairs of athletic shorts</p>

<p>2 pairs of sneakers
2 pairs of dress shoes
2 pairs of flip-flops (1 for shower use)
1 pair of boat shoes</p>

<p>It seems like a lot of clothing. I may have to make some cuts between all my shirts (41 all told). I'm thinking of just getting rid of all of my graphic ts (all 4 of em) and working from there.</p>

<p>Dang why do you guys have so many polos?</p>

<p>Was a high school thing.</p>

<p>Ralph Lauren: collect the rainbow.</p>

<p>4 pairs of jeans (1 will be black)
1 pair of convertible hiking pants (pants and shorts)
1 pair of capris
2 pairs of shorts (jean & khaki)
7 Polos
4 fitted shirts
a few T-shirts...hoping to get a bunch of free ones
2 dresses- the obligatory black dress then a summery dress which will be changed out later
1 pair of girls' boxers and 1 pair of PJ pants for sleeping
2 pairs of running shorts
4 running shirts
However many underwear and socks I own.
1 rain jacket
1 fleece
2 hoodies
3 blazers </p>

<p>Shoes- birkenstock sandals, running shoes, clarks wallabees, 1 pair of hiking boots (Gore-tex), a pair of chucks, and cheap flip-flops for shower shoes.</p>

<p>1 belt
2 light-weight scarves
2 pairs of earrings
2 necklaces</p>

<p>I'm only going to be 1.5 hrs away from home, so I can switch stuff out easily.</p>

<p>I did this not so much to tell random people on the internet what I'm bringing, but rather to tell myself! I leave Thurs. and haven't packed any of it!</p>