How many transcripts do i send for EE?

<p>Ahhhh, so worriedd.</p>

<p>1 for each school you've been i guess? I went to 3 community colleges so I'd have to send one from each.</p>

<p>ahh ok thankss.</p>

<p>if anything, call them just to be 100%</p>

<p>ahh would i need to send hs transcripts too? :[</p>

<p>in my case they just asked me to send them transcripts but a few days later they automatically got it from my school = l</p>

<p>Where we suppose to send transcripts after applying? I never received any notification requiring me to do so....I applied as a Comp Sci major.</p>

<p>Lindros I vaguely remember it was 1/31 </p>

<p>in my case it said to me on my broncodirect account 'we require your transcripts by 1/31' but my school was closed at the time due to the holidays so i waited a few days later for school to re-open, i went on my broncodirect account again just to double check what I need and it no longer says 'we require your transcripts', i called CPP and they said that they automatically got my transcripts from school</p>

<p>you should call them to see if this same case happened to you</p>

<p>I think I know why. Check out this chart...I think only impacted major where asked for transcripts by 1/31. Comp Sci is not impacted in CPP I believe.</p>

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<p>wait a minute... so if you're nonimpacted then how do they know who to admit/reject without even having the transcripts? do they just go by whatever GPA you put on your application? =&lt;/p>

<p>Well I remember reading in their e-mail that you are not suppose to send anything unless asked. So far I have nothing telling me to send them. </p>

<p>Maybe if more people shared their status and state wether their major is impacted or not....</p>

<p>Yeah you're not suppose to send them anything unless requested but in my case the woman I called quickly said 'CPP automatically received my transcript'... i never heard of CSU's doing that for you. Either she's right or she just wants me to hang up quickly lol.</p>

<p>Ahhh.. when i went on broncodirect they required my transcript by 2/10/2012, but...
i dont know if that includes high school and community college.</p>

<p>are you a transfer SadFool?</p>

<p>I haven't heard anything on by broncodirect for I shouldn't send any right? Now I'm getting paranoid lol</p>

<p>Yes, im a jc transfer btw but i assume i don't need to send hs transcripts.</p>