How many units to take 1st semester?

<p>What is the recommended number of units to take first semester Freshman year?</p>

<p>What would be considered high and low number of units?</p>

<p>Major is Biology...</p>


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<p>That being said, a word of advice from a past potential biology major: you need to take general chemistry and the lab that goes with it your first semester to get started on the biology track. Don’t underestimate the lab that goes with it. Though it is only 2 credits, it’s another full class worth of work. Steer towards to lower bound of credits your first semester-- chances are, like many of your classmates, this will be your schedule:
•gen chem (3cr)
•gen chem lab (2cr)
•some math class (calculus?) (3cr usually)
•writing one (3cr)
•one extra class (3cr)</p>

<p>(This is probably going to be a total of 14 credits. Don’t overdo it by taking a 6th class. Trust me.)</p>

<p>Yeah I think the average is about 15 units (5 classes ) per semester</p>

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<p>I think they recommend no more than 15 first semester, which is probably a good idea; first semester is also when you should be adjusting to college life academically, socially, extracurricular wise, and personally.</p>

<p>You need 120 credits to graduate, which means an average of 15 hours over 8 semesters. Will you have any AP credits? If you do, I would suggest taking less than 15 hours the first semester.</p>

<p>I’m a bio major and I took 15 credits both semesters of freshman year and it felt manageable…you can take more, but definitely don’t overdo it freshman year, especially first semester, because you will be just starting to get use to the college life and you do not want to have so much work over your head. Trust me, I heard many horror stories about people feeling miserable for taking 18,19, 20 credits their first semester of college.</p>

<p>I went 16/17 as a BME, though I took EN 120, which was a one credit seminar. I felt the workload overall wasn’t bad, even if individual classes could be rough at times.</p>

<p>13-15 is what I recommend for incoming freshmen.</p>

<p>I’m here with FSAP and the dean said that Freshmen Usually aren’t allowed to take more than 15 credits</p>

<p>WashU will very rarely limit the number of credits you take, as long as you are within the 12-21 credit limit. Yes, most freshmen choose to take 12-15 units, depending on the classes they are taking, but many others take more and do just fine. Since you are new to the school, it’s always a good idea to keep the number of credits to a minimum, but if you are eager to take 6 classes go ahead and take 18 credits! Maybe you’ll find something you absolutely love.</p>