How many universities have you visited?

<p>List all of the universities you've stepped on and visited. </p>

<p>For me: </p>

<p>-University of Houston
-Southern Methodist University
-Texas A&M-College Station
-University of North Texas
-Texas Christian University
-Sam Houston State University
-Texas Woman's University
-University of Toronto-Mississauga
-Amherst College
-Harvard University </p>


<p>In the past year: </p>

-MIT/Harvard (no info session or tours...)
-I'm visiting Brown and Tufts tomorrow...</p>

- Valdosta State
- VT
- Morehouse
- University Of Utah
- Salt Lake Community College</p>

UC Merced
UC San Diego
UC Irvine (now going there!)
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz
UC Davis</p>

<p>University of Texas (Austin)
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at Tyler
A&M University
Southern Methodist University
Baylor University
University of North Texas (attend)
Texas Woman's University
University of Florida
Valdosta State University
Beijing Foreign Studies University (attended)
Peking University
Renmin University
Chang'an University
National University of Singapore (A friend gave me a tour through webcam, does that count? Haha)</p>

<p>After listing all of those, I just realized how much I love my University, UNT, no matter how mediocre it is ranked. :p</p>

<p>Penn State
Boston University
Boston College
Michigan State
University of Michigan
So 9 :)</p>

<p>I also forgot to mention a few: </p>

<p>-University of Texas-San Antonio
-University of Texas-Arlington
-Aquinas University (in Legazpi, Philippines, my parents alma mater) </p>

<p>Soap11, no a webcam tour doesn't count. I'm talking about actual stepping foot on a university and walking around it. Attending does count though. So glad you are at UNT, I've always wanted to go there, but I have a hard time with grades right now.</p>

University of Richmond
William & Mary
Penn State</p>


<p>Truman State University
William Jewel College
Washington University in St. Louis
Saint Louis University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Knox College
Beloit College
Kenyon College
Earlham College
University of Tulsa
Trinity University Texas
Claremont McKenna College
Occidental College
Colorado College </p>

<p>Not all of these visits were for schools I was looking at, and I didn't visit all of the schools I applied to. </p>

<p>Top 5 campuses I've seen</p>

<li>Occidental </li>
<li>Trinity Texas</li>
<li>William Jewel</li>

<p>4, none of which I'm interested in. Just dropped by because I was in the area.</p>

<p>UC Berkeley
UC Santa Barbara
Uni. Nevada - Las Vegas
Uni. Nevada - Reno</p>