How many words is too many?

<p>With the common app essay, it says 250-500 words, but my essay is around 530! How many words over is too many? Will they count? I love my essay and have already edited down (it started at 570). What should i do!?</p>

<p>530 is fine.</p>

<p>if its bad, youd want sub500 for sure, if its good 550 is fine, and if its M-A-ZING, 600</p>

<p>Yeah, i have the same question: my essay for common app is about 660 words. I tried cutting it down, but i don't know what to cut--the words all seem pretty important!</p>

<p>Ok thanks. Would you or anyone else be willing to read it and tell me if it's a 600 word caliber essay?</p>

<p>don't worry, 600 is perfectly fine</p>

<p>but to tell you the truth, you CAN edit it down. i started mine with 2 * 1200 essays. combined them, cut it down to 1500. then 1200. then 1150. then 1120. </p>

<p>now it's exactly 600 words</p>

<p>morbid, i know</p>

<p>weird. mine started at 850, is presently at 750, i told my ap english lit teacher bc she has offered to edit our papers (and has a great reputation for it) and actually got excited at how many words she would get to chop off (i told her to aim for 550). i love my essay too :) it became funny by accident which is good bc i am told i am humorous (freaks...)</p>