How many years of spanish did you take before ap spanish + how did you do?

so im currently in spanish 3 as a freshman, and im on track to take ap spanish lang next year. its test optional, which is great, but i still plan on taking it if all goes as planned. anyways, i wanted to know: how many years of spanish did you take before you took the ap spanish lang exam and how well did you do on it?

by the way, for context haha:
-i took spanish 1 8th grade
-took spanish 2 over summer school between 8th and 9th
-spanish 3 now (freshman year)
-currently it’s not too difficult for me, seems like a review of spanish 2 with some additional concepts.
-im decently fine at listening and reading, i suck at writing and speaking though but im trying to improve.
-pretty familiar with present, preterite, imperfect, present progressive, the “has done” and “had done” (forgot what its called oops), future
-i’d say my vocab is like at least 1500 words? probably more.
so yee :slight_smile:

I took AP Spanish after Spanish 3. I got an A in the course and a 5 on the exam.

The progression depends on the school. You should have learned all the tenses and moods before AP, since any grammar will just be review.

at our school no one (except perhaps native speakers) can take AP Spanish without taking Spanish 4 but I don’t know the difference. I think it varies per school. My daughter is taking Intermediate Spanish 1 through dual enrollemnt in the spring which I think is Spanish 3 due to covid making changes in the school schedule and at most will end with Intermediate 4.

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Depends on how fast your school teaches Spanish.

Some high schools have AP Spanish as the 4th year course, some have it as the 5th year course, and some have it as the 6th year course (in the latter cases, students reaching AP started Spanish 1st year earlier than in high school, or started at a level higher than 1st year as heritage speakers).

Note that Spanish (or other foreign language) AP scores may give a different placement in college for each score, rather than a “pass / fail” placement. For example, a 5 may give a higher placement than a 3.

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My kids’ district has the equivalent of Spanish 1+2 over the three years of middle school, Spanish 3/4/5/AP at high school. My kids skipped a year of Spanish in middle school (it was ridiculously slow and easy), and they both could have/should have skipped Spanish 5, which was a review of Spanish 4. So I guess that if it’s being taught well, it would be very possible to skip Spanish 5, and go straight to AP. But 3 to AP? That’s a stretch, unless you’re really good at foreign language, use a computer program that helps you with your vocabulary review, and listen to Spanish podcasts, watch Spanish Youtube/TV.

I’m in similiar boat to @momtogirls2 daughters. I’m a sophomore in Spanish III (H) would’ve taken the SAT Subject Test if it were still a thing. Hope to do AP Spanish Language next year.