How Much 3 gap years affect my chances of admission?

<p>hello.i have 3 gap years.I have been working,volunteering,during those years.
Reason why i had a gap was due to material situation.</p>

<p>What can u tell me about it?will it reduce my chances or not affect at all?</p>

<p>It will not affect your chances at most schools.</p>

<p>Thans a lot kat :) ( if i can name u so :) )</p>

<p>my destination is top schools :)</p>

<p>can u tell me the source of this opinion?</p>

<p>You graduated in year XXXX, and then went to work. Since then you have been working, and you have come to realize the necessity of completing college in order to achieve your long-term goals. What is so bad about that? </p>

<p>Check with the colleges/universities that you are applying to. Some may categorize you as a non-traditional applicant and assign you to a different admissions counselor. When you are accepted, ask about housing. In some colleges and universities, older freshmen are offered the option of living in graduate student housing so that they are with their age peers.</p>

<p>thanks a lot :)</p>

<p>i appreciate :)</p>