How much "Additional Information" (detailed resume) is too much?

<p>Hi everyone! :)</p>

<p>I'm just about done with my essays and ready to click 'submit', but my heart won't let me do so without asking: how much Additional Information is too much? I'm considering attaching an extra Word doc to my app that includes 75-word mini-short answers for each of the activities I haven't treated in my essays. Like a resume, but more in detailed paragraphs. Sort of like 'speed dating' through my ECs.</p>

<p>Writing about each of these activities and experiences, I think, would strengthen my application and give Yale a better idea about me. I'm worried that it might be seen as unnecessary information. The thing is, the only real thing I bring to the table are my activities and experiences, many of which are tied closely to my family background that I'm already writing about for my essays, but still distinct in themselves (each even work as Common App essays of their own). </p>

<p>How common are attachments like this? I know that the challenge to writing college essays is that you need to condense your life's experiences into two pages worth of text. But would an extra document (say, 1 1/2 pages) really be all that bad? Would appreciate any replies. Thanks a lot guys!</p>

<p>Probably won’t affect you. Just clearly title it as “EC details” or something. That way, the file readers will skip it if they don’t feel they need to read it.</p>

<p>You only have 250 words for that, or so i was told by a STanford Adcom</p>

<p>I thought Yale discouraged people from attaching resumes?</p>

<p>I thin that if they are significant they need to be sent. If you are telling them that you spent 1 hour once teaching 1 person maths, that will probably annoy them. I am finding that there really is not enough room to give enough info about major EC’s so I will also be sending something like that. Only for the stuff that is important though…</p>