How much are you paying for gasoline?

<p>An off-the-wall topic (and hopefully steers clear of politics): I'd kind of like to chart prices around the country, especially as they come down (seeming to happen not quite so fast as when they went up). So for regular unleaded, how much, where, and any special circumstances.</p>

<p>$1.33*9* in Castle Rock Colorado at one of the grocery chains. It was marked 2.43*9*, but there was a ten cents per gallon discount if you swiped one of the store's shopping cards.</p>

<p>$2.669 Rochester, NY</p>

<p>I think the government (hope this isn't straying into poitics...) should mandate that the gas stations all put in generators. The oil companies can use a teenie percentage of their obscene profits to pay for it. It's just so important for security that we have gas in the event of an emergency.</p>

<p>$2.34 at Sam's Club in Jackson, Michigan! Most of the rest of the stations are about $2.37.</p>

<p>$2.39 at the [only] gas station in my village; at the gas stations in the neighboring towns, it is $2.29. We're in the boondocks north of Detroit.</p>

in Seattle
that has come down quite a bit from a few weeks ago</p>

<p>$2.79 in San Jose, ditto ek4, it was at or above $3 about three weeks ago.</p>

<p>Ranges from $2.39 to $2.47 per gallon in Oregon just east of Portland. There may be some cheaper ones around, but I haven't looked too far from home recently.</p>

<p>1.30 yen a liter, which is about 4 dollars a gallon. </p>

<p>Believe me, it's much worse elsewhere.</p>

<p>$2.49 in PA - same for car gasoline and fuel oil for the home heating system.</p>

<p>Dig - you wrote:</p>

<p>"1.339 in Castle Rock Colorado at one of the grocery chains. It was marked 2.439, but there was a ten cents per gallon discount if you swiped one of the store's shopping cards"</p>

<p>Your pricing reflects a $1.10 discount, not a .10 discount. Was your gas actually $2.339?</p>

<p>$2.70ish in so cal ( i live in rich place though)</p>

<p>the gas station by my moms condo in Bellevue is $2.93 :eek:</p>

<p>The last time I paid for it, it was 2.99. But that was back in September. We 're trying to get as close to giving up driving as we can. (I think it's around 2.63 near us, now.)</p>

<p>Sorry about that. Wish it WERE $1.339.</p>

<p>Those were the days....</p>

<p>$2.29 in a suburb near Boston. Best we've had in a while.</p>

<p>UCLAri has a typo also - a displaced decimal. 1.30 Yen per litre would be giving it away! :) 130 yen sounds about right; 130Y = $1.12</p>

<p>$3.03/gallon for premium (92 octane)</p>

<p>Two weeks ago paid $3.79 a gallon for regular in Kona, Hawaii. The only good thing about that is that everything else still looks cheap!</p>

Oh, you scamp. I vaguely remember seeing prices of $0.45/gallon, back in my grad-student days - of course, I couldn't afford a car back then, and was making do with my trusty 3-speed bike.</p>

<p>(Chorus) "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end,..." courtesy of Mary Hopkins.</p>

<p>Last weekend it was an amazingly low $2.49/$2.51 for premium in Virginia and West Virginia along I-81. And $2.29 for regular at the same gas stations.</p>

<p>Drove by the gas stations near the freeway today 2.85 for regular unleaded. But that isn't the cheapest in town or the most expensive. Central coast ca where we usually pay more for everything.</p>

<p>My last year of high school in Detroit (1971) I remember $0.19 at 8 Mile and Gratiot in Detroit.</p>

<p>I have been told that adjusted for inflation (the calculation of which is beyond me) we are still in the same vicinity. To you COLA whizzes, True or False?</p>