How much are you paying for Syracuse University?

If it is not too personal, I just was curious on how much you paying for syracuse after all the scholarships, grants and loans the school offers? I am just curious because I been looking at their financial aid data, and it says they have 96%
% of need met and on average Had full need met 42%. I know everyone will get different offers based on circumstances. I am just trying to get an insight on their financial aid. Thanks in advance.

Hearing someone else’s FA package will tell you nothing of value. For example, you won’t know what kind of aid was awarded to those who decided not to attend because their award was too small, nor do the stats you cited reflect those individuals. Run the Syracuse NPC with your own family’s numbers and draw your conclusions from that.

Like I said I know that already. Just curious.

I know kids at both ends of the spectrum; for example

One accepted through the opportunity programs 0 EFC all need met but there are perkins and stafford loans in package

Another student family’s EFC is 45k (60k income, self employed parent, remarried parent).

As momma stated, someone else’s situation and what they are paying will have no bearing on what you and your family will pay

Your best bet would be to run the net price calculator to see how Syracuse plays out for you and your family

Thank you for your reply I know it does not relate to me exact. I know that. I understand. I am just curious. I know the best way is to look at the net price calculator. I know that. All I wanted was some people to tell me how much they got. That is all. If you do not know or have no clue as to how much someone got, then please do not comment telling me it will not help. Thanks I already know it won’t help. I am just curious.

I am curious about why are you curious.

hahaha that’s actually funny