How much are you spending monthly on food? Am I the only one at around $300?

<p>I just did some adding up of numbers and am surprised that I've been spending on average around $300 on food living off campus...I want to lower this. What do you guys spend? (and are you on/off campus?)</p>

<p>I live on-campus apartments, but $300 is still pretty darn high. Do you cook or eat out a lot?</p>

<p>Actually, I spend about that much. I don't think it's bad, but I know I spend more than most people because I eat very healthy (organic, fresh, non-processed etc.). All worth it in the end in my opinion.</p>

<p>$500-$600 over here in Chicago! Though that includes groceries and eating out.</p>

<p>I spend around $400/month in Japan, but costs are slightly higher here. When I lived in Chicago, I spent around $300/month, but there were times when I was cheap and got that figure to about $150-200/month. If you want to get it that far, you have to: 1) don't eat that much, and 2) be satisfied with a lot of Subway meals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and ramen. It really wasn't that bad for me (in fact, I enjoyed it), but I realize that most people wouldn't want to live/eat in such a manner.</p>

<p>I spend 250-300 a month living off-campus. Usually grab Subway or Shogun for lunch, so that raises my amount a bit. Just buy fresh food that's on sale at Ralphs / Costco once or twice a week and you can easily live on 40 bucks a week. Carbs are cheap.</p>

<p>I'm weird. I cook a lot, but I also eat out a ton.</p>

<p>I stick with the cheaper basics for most meals (i.e., mass cook chicken breast/salmon/pork chops/etc. with some type of grain like brown rice, couscous, etc.), but let myself eat at nice restaurants without thinking twice about it.</p>