How much can ACT/SAT Make up for grades?

<p>So. I've never been a great student, but I rock my standardized tests. I got:
710 CR, 690 M, 710 W, 2110 SAT
34 English, 32 Math, 34 Reading, 35 Science, 34 ACT
But, my current cumulative GPA is 3.38. Obviously, they can't make up for bad grades, but how much will they boost me? Thanks.</p>

<p>Well colleges look at GPA first then SAT/ACT, but if your low GPA can be explained by personal issues, rigorous courseload, etc. then this may help. Otherwise high SAT/ACT performance and low GPA indicates to colleges a student who is bright but lazy/not motivated to put the effort into schoolwork. Now if this is definitely not true (perhaps your just a bad test taker, or you don't feel challenged by your classes) make sure you explain this to colleges through a personal statement etc. Also if your rank is high this can make up for a low GPA (meaning that your school has a tough grading scale and most kids don't get As).
Bottom line is your test score can help your case to a good degree, but GPA/rank trumps test scores.</p>