How much can we expect from Fordham...if anything!?

Maybe someone can enlighten me on how much our son might potentially receive in scholarship grant from Fordham Rose Hill campus/ business school if in fact he gets in :slight_smile:
He applied EA, test optional last week.
we are a solid middle class - our son will not be eligible for federal grants etc…
Other than the 5K fed loan our son will take but that is all the debt we want for him to incur, the rest we plan on paying for out of pocket.
This is our first to go to college and he will be the only one in college at the time as our other 2 children are very spaced out.

Here are some of his basic stats-
Excellent Public school/ high rated
Engineering PLTW program through RIT
3.7 UW GPA might be higher as he is having a strong first Q senior year
Several APs (chem, physics, bio, lang)
Honors classes
Several college level classes (engineering, french 5 years, econ, writing)

Not a ton of ECs
Jazz piano at college level
camp counselor VBS
assistant basketball youth coaching
works a PT job/summer jobs

Anyone have similar stats or children have similar? Any insight welcomed- thanks in advance!

Last year S20 got into Gabelli with $25k/year scholarship. COA was still $50k/year. Stats were 3.9 GPA UW, 5.2 GPA W, 1480 SAT and I think 14 AP classes. He’s at Georgia Tech. He liked Lincoln Center. We liked Rose Hill.

What’s your in-state options? I would have a hard time justifying debt in today’s environment of online classes and job market. Realistically vaccine is at least a year away or more until they can get it to the masses.

Depends on your CSS profile (others will dispute). Your COA will be between 40-50k
Basing that on son who graduated in 2016. Figure 1/3 of the 70k annual will be offered in best case Merit Aid

Thank you so much for that insight! I kind of assume he will not get enough to make it doable (we want to keep out of pocket under 30K) We are in Upstate NY he is not interested in any SUNY schools, maybe Geneseo…big maybe. We toured a few and they are just not what he is looking for we also have a nephew at one of the bigger ones with a “good reputation” and he’s having an awful experience due to Covid…

St Bonaventure was very generous. How about Marist? maybe Manhattan (only a mile from Fordham). Hopefully I’m wrong and you get better aid. Keep us posted

Thanks!!! Marist is his top pic! It really checks a lot of his boxes, Fordham got thrown in the mix last min EA, I’m more into it than he is probably. I’m hopeful Marist gives us enough $$ but I have heard mixed things. It’s 2 hours from our home so perfect distance for what he wants. He is applying to 10 schools way more than we anticipated but trying to get him a lot of options. Siena is his safety and very close to home, would be similar price as a SUNY.

St John’s can be very generous with merit. Cost is also not as high as Fordam.

Thanks! I took a look at their stats and St John’s seems quite different( at least stats wise) than most of the schools he is looking at. 36% grad rate? I’m new at this but that number doesn’t sit right with me…

My D had similar stats (3.75UW) but less rigor than your son. She got very little if any aid from Fordham. She got $17500 from Marist, although they did add in an extra $2500 in April, bringing her total aid to $20k. Susquehanna was very generous with aid ($38k) and one of the few schools she had that came in right around 30k. Butler has a good business program and gave her around 20k bringing COA to around 40k. Her other most generous schools were Ohio Wesleyan (32k), Depauw ((30k) and Ursinus (35k) but not sure if any of them have a business major. Univ of Scranton gives good merit and I believe they do have business. I was impressed with the school when we visited.

Thanks! @MAmom111 He was accepted to Susquehanna EA already w an excellent scholarship, out of pocket for us would be around 25K, it is 5 hours away though he would prefer not going that far (We live in Upstate NY) but it is on the table plus we have not visited it either. He’s trying to stay in 4 hour radius. OH and Mid west schools are out - my husband and I are UD grads and it would be a great fit but just too far for him. I hope Marist gives us similar to what your daughter was offered. I need to look into Scranton…!

Susquehanna- It is a beautiful campus. I was very impressed with it, especially when we went to the honor’s weekend. We met some very high stats kids there and the honors program seemed very well run. Not much walkable from campus but there is a main strip nearby with all types of restaurants and stores. Hobart & WS but fairly generous as well but not sure it would get you under $30k. Very pretty campus as well.

Under 30K isn’t going to happen without NMF and much higher stats, even then it would be marginal. D18 was offered 37K pa of merit for 4.0UW/35 ACT (but not NMF) which would still have left more than 30K remaining COA.


Our D is also applied EA to Fordham and we also need merit aid to make it affordable. From what I read in previous years, they gave decent merit aids but still fairly expensive to attend. We will wait and see but it doesn’t looked promising at all :wink:

Thanks - yes it seems like there’s no way Fordham would come in anywhere around 30K
we’re OK with our son taking a small loan (5K ish) but even with that I assume it will be too much.


So good to hear! We hope to visit in the Spring. Was she automatically accepted into the honors program or was that something applied for separately?
We toured HWS, beautiful but he decided not to apply.

Here is his list in no real order:
He’s applied to most EA already.

Wheaton (MA)
St Michaels

I would take a long look at the financial ratings of these schools. Ithaca just announced a lot of layoffs. There’s some threads on CC about it.

Thank you and where would you recommend the best place to find financial ratings if you don’t mind me asking? Any others on this list that stand out as worrisome?

Easiest way is to search Moody’s/Standard & Poor’s/Fitch for any recent ratings changes on the particular school.

If you really want to geek out, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) has a website called EMMA that tracks all of the required financial disclosures made by obligors on outstanding municipal bonds. They have a search function and you can see all kinds of financial disclosures and audits. If the school has issued bonds recently, you can also read the official statement for the bond offering that usually included all kinds of interesting tidbits that don’t get disclosed anywhere else.

If your son if focused on business undergrad, Fordham/Gabelli is head & shoulders top of your list in terms of quality of the program. Hope you can figure out a way to make the $ work.

@rlc010203 Yes grad rate is low. I believe this is because there are a lot of commuter students. Often commuter schools have lower graduation rates because students are working as well. My D18 came in with only 3 credits and will have no problem graduating on time. It was just a suggestion due to merit and location.
“Nationwide, the average graduation rate for first-time undergraduates attending classes full-time is: 34.1% after four years, 45.8% after six years, and 47.4% after eight years.”(

@ric010203 She was accepted into it automatically. I think it might be top 10% of applicants or something like that. They had an honors dinner/presentation the night before an admitted students day. It was really well done and I was rooting for the school after that.

We live about a 1/2 hour from Wheaton. Been there a few times for HS sports. It’s a pretty campus which is definitely in a suburb. Not much of college town vibe at all. I wanted my D to apply just so she would have an option close to home but she thought it was too close. It’s not too far from Boston and Providence but I don’t think there is anyway to get to either without a car.

Have you looked at Clark? My quirky D decided it was “too quirky” but it seemed like a really underrated school and it gives really good merit.

Have you visited Marist yet? We thought that campus was beautiful and it seemed to have nice kids with a pre-professional vibe (which I think is a good thing).