How much clothing to bring?

<p>Because I will be moving into my dorm in a little over two months, I've been starting to think about the amount of stuff I need to lug halfway across the country with me. One of my biggest concerns is clothing. I've been hearing to bring about 1-2 week's worth of clothing, but I don't know if that's reasonable, especially because I will not have the opportunity to go home very often. And I'm not exactly going to a school where there's lots of great shopping nearby, either.</p>

<p>So basically, I am just wondering how much clothing everyone brought with them to their dorm.</p>

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<p>you better have a colts jersey</p>

<p>"1-2 weeks of clothing."</p>

<p>That sounds unreasonable and I'm a guy. I bring formal wear (I have a 2 blazers, 2 suits, and a couple dress pants) , basics to wear underneath polos and shirts, I have a weeks worth of both polos and shirts, I have a weeks worth of graphic t-shirts, and I have a lot of different shorts and jeans. </p>

<p>I also have a couple sweatshirts. </p>

<p>I like to mix it up.</p>

<p>I had a ton of clothes at my dorm by the time I left, I still haven't managed to unpack it all. I had two pairs of jeans, like 6 pairs of shorts (purchased last month of school), two pairs of dress pants, a pair of khakis, like 7 sweaters, 10 tops, maybe 10 t shirts, and like 5 hoodies. I had too much. lol. But I only had to do laundry like once a month.</p>

<p>I have no idea what I am going to bring next time. But I definitely want to stick to Summer/Fall clothes, swap out at Thanksgiving, and then swap again in March. Part of my problem last year was that I never swapped again once I brought my winter clothes, and my parents are half an hour away so I had no excuse. So I essentially had two whole wardrobes at once.</p>

<p>I think 2 weeks of clothing is definitely reasonable. I had about 3, but that's because I brought basically my entire wardrobe minus the things that I never wear, and I usually did laundry about every 2 weeks because those were the clothes I liked the best!</p>

<p>I mean it depends on how conscious you are of how you dress ... Like me I'm not afraid to admit it lol I'm all about fashion you'll never see me walking around campus with shorts flipflops and college gear lol ... I basically have my entire closet filled of clothes and a dresser full of em as well haahaha</p>

<p>I mean it definitely takes up some extra room but it works out ... got to look good</p>

<p>The 1-2 weeks thing is a bit misleading.</p>

<p>As a girl, and I've gone 3 weeks without doing laundry (exams can pile up, sometimes you try to do laundry but all the machines are taken). </p>

<p>That means at least 2-3 weeks of underwear, socks, and tops. I've done laundry sometimes just because I was out of underwear. But you don't need three weeks of sweaters/sweatshirts for when it is cold out, and you don't need 3 weeks of pants (I don't know anyone who washes jeans after only wearing them once).</p>

<p>Well, at my college the laundry is free and I don't mind doing it. I was kinda just planning on buying 5 jeans (I only have 2 on me at the moment), like 2 more athletic shorts, and a bunch more shirts. But I was really only thinking of 1-2 weeks, more like 1 actually. I don't know, my high school sorta had uniform so all my pants are khaki and after wearing that for 10 years I plan to burn them. I think I'm just worried about the winter clothes but it's not much in TX so I'll probably just buy that up there.</p>

<p>I definitely recommend two weeks of socks and underwear. I thought that was ridiculous as I lived on about 6 or 7 days worth at home, but my grandmother insisted and kept coming over with more underwear and I absolutely did end up needing it. There was only one day a week when I really had time to sit there and do a load of laundry, and if I missed that window of opportunity for any reason I needed a whole extra week of socks and underwear to get me through.</p>

<p>^^ My laundry was dirt cheap, and I didn't mind doing it.</p>

<p>I also wore a uniform in high school, but we didn't have khakis (yay plaid skirts!), but I stand by this- have a minimum of 2 weeks of underwear.</p>

<p>It's one thing if you have to rewear a shirt (I still say that's gross, especially in september since I go to a school wear it's really humid), but another to be out of underwear.</p>

<p>oh god, yeah I'd bring a ton of undies. I generally bring even more than I think I'll need and I plan to splurge on some nicer bras at vicotrias secret, but just regular clothes? </p>

<p>I don't know, maybe I'll buy some more if I see sales.</p>

<p>I would say 2-3 weeks of clothing. And don't forget more formal attire. I definitely regretted not taking more than 1 set first semester and am gonna bring a tie next year too haha</p>

<p>I only had to wear something "formal" two or three my entire freshman year...there was Snow Ball in December (a semi formal dance), my RA interview in January, and a job interview in with that, maybe one or two outfits, but not more unless you go to a big school or think you'll be wearing formal clothes often for some reason.</p>

<p>If you're a business major, a lot of schools will require you to dress business casual/professional for a lot of events and mock interviews. I probably wore business casual (slacks and a nice dress shirt) to class a handful of times in the fall and at least 30% of the time in the spring because of my more business-oriented classes. Lots of speech giving and such.</p>

<p>I probably brought 7 polo shirts, 5 or 6 t-shirts, 10 button-down sport/casual shirts, 3 nice dress shirts (white and blue), 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of khakis, 2 pairs of slacks/suit pants, and a little under 2 weeks of boxers/undershirts and 14 pairs of socks, plus some other misc workout clothes, etc.</p>

<p>I found that most often I would do laundry every other week, when I ran out of boxers or undershirts. I would suggest bringing a lot of extra undershirts or old large t-shirts to wear around your room at night. I always wore polo's on weekdays/to classes and then in the evening I would just wear the undershirt when studying, browsing the internet, going to bed, etc.</p>

<p>I went to school in Texas where we only have one or two weeks where it really got cold in winter, so for most of Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb when it was < 60 degrees but not too cold out I would just wear the casual button downs instead of polos, which is why it seems like I have a lot of them compared to most people. It was easier than taking a jacket on and off all day.</p>

<p>And don't forget nice shoes with that suit/dress clothes. I know plenty of people who overlooked that.</p>

<p>I would say to bring lots of underwear and socks as a definite. Clothing wise if your a freshman, bring alot so you get use to living on your own and then the rest of your years you can plan it out better.</p>

<p>One more thing that wasnt mentioned before: if you are planning to go to church, make sure to bring church clothes and shoes, which is basically the same thing as formal clothes.</p>

<p>Church clothes would depend on the church though, wouldn't they?</p>

<p>For church, except Easter and Christmas, and occasionally Palm Sunday, I don't get dressed up, and that's the norm both at my home church and at the chapel at my school. Jeans and t-shirts are 100% acceptable. Heck, when I went to the Ash Wednesday service at school, I was in sweats and wasn't the only one! (For the record -- that was the only time ever in my life that I wore sweats to church, but I hadn't planned on going since I wasn't feeling well hence the sweats, and my friends dragged me after dinner).</p>

<p>^It would depend on the church and on the person also. My church is not that formal since plenty of people come in wearing sandels. But I was raised to look my absolute best in church, and most likely that habit will stick throughout college.</p>

<p>"Heck, when I went to the Ash Wednesday service at school, I was in sweats and wasn't the only one!"</p>

<p>-My mother will kill me if she found out I did that! :)</p>

<p>Bring as much as you can...the more clothes you bring, the less laundry you'll have to do.</p>

<p>Definitely bring at least one set of dress'll likely have a presentation, interview, etc to do. You probably won't need a ton unless that's your preferred style of attire, but one or two sets won't hurt.</p>