How much creativity in Supplement Essay?

<p>As the title says, how much creativity should be put into the the supplement essay's for colleges. For example the Penn essay is what extracurricular and academic paths do you see yourself taking. Should I write this with the same kind of quirky creativity of the personal statement, or be more direct about my plans at penn.</p>

<p>I would say include a mix of both. Let your personality show through but don't go to far out of a limb. Be direct, concise, and creative.</p>

<p>yeah i'd like to get some feedback on my stanford essays in particular. i've heard that stanford really values people with panache & personality, so i was hoping that my quirkiness would come across in my essays. i'm a bit afraid, however, that i didn't write about anything particularly serious or deep in my supplement either :/</p>

<p>help? or volunteer to critique my essays? haha</p>