How much did you spend on books?

<p>I wanted to get new books because all the old ones are horrifically written in (I checked them all), but my parents were screaming that I needed to buy used to save soooooooo much money. I know that some people don't mind because they're like "hey those are useful notes written in there," but I'm talking books that have been written and scribbled in so much that you can barely read the actual text. So I bought the used just to appease my parents. Out of 8 books, I saved a whopping $13 on one, $17 on another, $6 dollars on another, $3, etc. Ridiculous. My books and supplies (not even including paper, pens, notebooks, binders, etc.) cost $750 for the first semester. What about you?</p>

<p>Wow, mine only cost $300 for the first semester.</p>

<p>I can agree with you about books that have too much written in them. I recently purchased a textbook that had a similar problem: highlighting. I really don't understand the need to re-highlight the things the author already highlighted including example boxes and browsing through it I often found myself wondering why an entire paragraph was highlighted with the exception of a half sentence. It was just comical; I had to purchase another one (luckily it was very cheap) and I will probably give the other away.</p>

<p>$750 seems a bit ridiculous but you are right: used editions sometimes do not save you much money especially when it is a newer text and there are not many used editions to go around. I'll probably be paying ~ $200 this term if I can to forgo the $250 ochem book package as I am planning to do.</p>

<p>Not all used books are that crappy; I got all of mine secondhand (with little to no writing inside) for about $300 cheaper than the bookstore used prices. You just have to search around.</p>

<p>Tell your parents that you don't save by buying used. Here's why, if you buy new and don't write in it, you can sell it on amazon for "like new" and earn a big percentage of the original cost back. However, if you get used, not only are people more reluctant to buy it, its more liable to get damaged(3 of the used books I've gotten literally fell apart), making them worthless. Plus, you want to be able to clearly read the books you buy.</p>

<p>Engineering books are ridiculously expensive, and Art books are even more so. $600 to $700 a semester has been the norm for us, (engineering). I've heard that Architecture texts are even more expensive.</p>

<p>Spent 650.00 with a mix of used and new!!!!</p>

<p>my books this semester came out to $575.. better than last spring when it was $660.</p>

<p>i love books that have been written in.. helps alot. i got my used books from the bookstore so i got to check out how bad the writing was. if it was out of control i just didnt get that one. even when i checked online, the prices were only a bit lower and didnt offset the convenience of having them RIHT NOW.</p>

<p>Mine were around $700.</p>

<p>my books for 5 classes were 160 dollars.</p>

<p>all mine are paper back indian editions. The suffering of children laborers in moist disease ridden warehouses passes down to me as savings.</p>

<p>I paid about $400 I believe.</p>

<p>bout tree fidy</p>

<p>Bought all used books for $160.</p>

<p>Biology: $60
Health: $10
Nutrition: $50
Sport & Rec: $10
Sociology: $30</p>

<p>I became good friends with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. And already bought 2 books for next semester from friends who took the classes last year.</p>


my books for 5 classes were 160 dollars.</p>

<p>all mine are paper back indian editions. The suffering of children laborers in moist disease ridden warehouses passes down to me as savings.


i think i'm a terrible person but god did i lol at this.</p>

<p>i spent maybe $250 total on books my freshman year, but then again i go to a crunchy liberal arts college where pretty much nobody uses actual textbooks.</p>

<p>about $635... way too much if you ask me</p>

<p>Last year, I paid about $150/quarter for books. This year, about $75/quarter. Then again, I had a friend in Singapore buy some of my books. You can get a $150 book in the U.S. for $20 in Singapore. It's ridiculous.</p>

<p>im paying about $400 for the quarter
and theyre all used too omg...</p>

<p>roughly $500 this semester. ridiculous..</p>

<p>$347.25 for an organic chem book, a university chemistry book, a neurobiology text, linguistics handouts + a workbook. Thank goodness I bought them off of other students or online or it would have been $500 or more.</p>

<p>It's funny because my family is fairly low-income but my single mother was nagging me to go for the more expensive options because she didn't trust online shopping and she thought it was a long-term investment if I were to keep the texts for the future. </p>

<p>It is sort of true -- I'll be using the chemistry texts for the next four semesters in the sequence, haha.</p>

<p>I'm spending about 500$ - absurd. Most were used, too. </p>

<p>I miss free high school textbooks already.</p>