How much do ACT/SAT scores generally increase per year?

<p>I'm currently a Freshman in high school, and I took the ACT last spring and the a PR practice SAT a few months ago (I took the real SAT in 7th grade but it's probably pretty outdated now). I got a 28 on the ACT and a 1770 on the SAT, and I was wondering around what would be my scores when I take them in my Junior year. I am aiming to get into an Ivy League school, so I need to know how much I should study. Thank you!</p>

<p>I wouldn't have taken the SAT so early - it's not about being smart or anything, just your brain comprehension level. I would actually advise you to improve a lot in the next two years and take it with lots of confidence in your junior or senior year.</p>

<p>In fact, if you want to know my stats, they pretty much tell the story. When I was in sophomore, I got 2180. A the end of my junior year, I got 2390. So I guess age does improve your scores.</p>

<p>1770 is a good starting point freshman year. I got a 168 (PSAT) sophomore year and ended up steadily increasing until I got a 2250 Senior Year. Here are my scores:</p>

<p>Soph: 168
Junior: 198
Mid Junior: 2080
Late Junior: 2230
Early Senior: 2230
Mid Senior: (just took, think I got 2270+)</p>

<p>Sheep, mid to late jr year for you was a huge leap. What do you attribute it to?</p>

<p>Here's me:
Freshman PSAT (first test): 186
Sophmore PSAT: 212 (lucky on guesses)
Sophmore ACT: 31
Juniour PSAT: 212 (unlucky on guesses)
Late Junior ACT: 33
Post Junior SAT: 2230</p>

<p>I just took another ACT and SAT, both of which I feel great about. I didn't study for any of this, but obviously took a lot of tests, so I knew what they were like. You'll learn a lot just by High-school if you take decent classes.</p>

<p>Wow, didn't realize how smart everyone was. :P How did you all prepare for the test? I got the official SAT and ACT guides and I'm going through them every week or so, but any other suggestions on what to do?</p>

<p>My tips: look over vocab for SAT, and just get familiar with each test, e.g. I'm sure you've noticed how time management techniques differ between the two tests.
Tbh, I never really used any other books to study, and didn't really study at all for my last SAT/ACT, except for some practice problems, a review of essay topics, and vocab for SAT.</p>

<p>My improvement:
6th Grade: ~1100-1200/1600 (for talent program lol)
Sophomore PSAT: 206
Junior PSAT: 218 (1 question off NMSF...why did I go to sleep at 1 the night before?)
Mid Junior SAT: 2280
March Junior ACT: 35
June Junior ACT: 36
October SAT: 2400</p>

For a person who is very solid acedemically, like you, I guess your score can be improved
over time with a minimum of preparations. However, for some who have obvious short fall, such as very low score on math, they definitely need to study on the weak areas first to improve the overral score.</p>