How much do campus visits/tours matter..

<p>Pretty much what I did with my college visits is go to campus, walk around, talk to some of the kids, etc...</p>

<p>After I got accepted, then I was going to go on the tours/information sessions.</p>

<p>My question is, should I make a bunch of visit in the next few weeks to the schools and take the tours/sessions (I can do this before like Jan 31st for all my schools) or will they not count that since its after the deadline..</p>

<p>Just worries me that checking off that i havent been on a tour, session, or interview for supplements like lehigh makes me seem uninterested, which is not the case. Any ideas?</p>

<p>(also, i´m pretty sure lehigh doesn´t consider interviews in admissions, can anyone varify?)</p>

<p>Admission officers always want to know whether or not you have visited their school, whether it was a guided tour, or just a visit to campus. I remember that they asked me specifically in my interview if I've been to their campus-it shows that your applying for the right reasons, not only because of the prestige or the fact that it's a "sure in". Good luck.</p>

<p>according to collegeboard's profile for lehigh (College</a> Search - Lehigh University - Admission) the interview is not considered.
as for visits and really depends on the school.
schools like lehigh and haverford "like to track interest"
i'm not sure if it's the same for both schools, but haverford did express to me before that they like students who show a lot of interest.
also, when i got a info session from princeton review, the presenter stressed showing interest because it puts you above those who are just applying and haven't made any contact.</p>

<p>however, i wouldn't stress too much. isn't there a place on the lehigh supplement for "have u visited the campus on any other occasion.." or something like that?</p>