How much do colleges value work experience?

<p>I'm currently working at a fast-food restaurant, and working here has cut into my social life a little bit and has hurt my grades. Do colleges like seeing students who work at fast-food restaurants? In other words, would working at a fast-food restaurant help my college applications in any significant way? I'm thinking about quitting work at this restaurant, however I really don't have that many other extracurricular activities to put on my application (that's why I kind of think I should keep working here...). But, I know that grades are the most important thing for applications, which is why part of me wants to quit working.</p>

<p>Any advice here would be great. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Working is generally considered an EC. Grades are among the most important items considered for admission. If nonessential working (you don't need to contribute to the family funds) is keeping you from getting good grades then you should consider dropping it.</p>

<p>Work can serve two main purposes.
1) It can be a set-off for lower income students who didn't have as many ECs
2) It can be a set-off for higher income students so that they don't come across as spoiled brats.</p>

<p>If picking between work experience/other ECs, pick work. It shows responsibility, independence, and some initiative.</p>

<p>work beats any EC in my book..</p>

<p>sorry, but I spoke to a school, they said 92% of their freshman class, could be admitted JUST under academics. IMO, schools say they are looking for the "whole" picture and look at the whole application. NO, their looking for people who are going to use the institution to the benefit and not slack. IMO work doesnt prove anything. Again 92% just admitted under their transcript/test scores/ etc.</p>

<p>That really depends on the school you are talking about, Dentrix.</p>

<p>Dentrix, what school was that?</p>

<p>I would think it depends on its relevancy to your field of interest.</p>