How Much Do Sat 2's Really Matter?

<p>Can You Tell Me How Much Sat 2's Really Matters? I Did Not Do That Great On Two Of Them (740 Writing, 640 Math Ic, 590 Chem). But My Sat's Are Great (1480 Total) And My Extra Curricular's, Recommendations, Rank, Essays, Grades, Gpa, And Rank Are Fabulous. I Feel That The Sat 2's Are The Only Things That Are Holding Me Back? Will They Seriously Make A Difference For Me? I Am Going For Penn Engineering.</p>

<p>I read a book by a Dartman admissions officer (A is for Admission) that said for ivies, 3 SAT2s = SATs = GPA</p>

<p>After those come essays, recs., ecs, etc, with the interview being the least important</p>

<p>it doesn't look good to be applying for engineering with weak math and chem sat ii's. it does however look good to score well on the writing. you really should be thinking about retaking the other two though.</p>

<p>no offense emilio, but im an IDIOT at science and i got a 750 (and an AP 5) on chem....i dont know a thing....honestly, if you are aiming for penn engineering, you will need to get your scores up....if an intl studies/business major scores better than you at math/science, you are not in good shape...jus some honest advice.....good luck with your retakes!</p>

<p>i'd try to retake them if there's still time. the average SAT II score is somewhere around 700-750.</p>

<p>did you get very high scores in chem and math for your school? it could be just the teacher too. my school's AP chem teacher was horrible and people who got 5's in otehr subjects easily got 3's. if it's the teacher i'd get your guidance counselor to put a note in your file saying you scored much higher than your classmates.</p>