How much do you care what others think?

<p>How much do you care about what others think of you? I have spent a lot of time this semester trying to evaluate what I want out of my college life, and am curious how other college students rate the importance of "acceptance from peers". </p>

<p>You know in middle school how many go through that "I need to be in the popular group" feeling? I went through that phase and so did all of my friends. Sure, I was obsessive and naive back then. Well in college, I would still argue that it is still an important value of mine to be well-liked. I want to spend my college years making incredible friendships and I enjoy being that girl that is always smiling and nice to everyone. It is important to have social skills to get you interviews for those big jobs, into selective organizations on campus, and to have a solid network. I always try to look my best. I enjoy wearing trendy clothes, shoes, and the like. I enjoy getting invitations to birthday outings and college parties. </p>

<p>Maybe I just described someone to you who is superficial, shallow, and needs to stop caring. But here is my argument:</p>

<p>One of my closest friends is the opposite, and thinks I care way too much. He spends his days either in class or in his room playing video games. He hates parties, socializing, and doesn't care if he is socially awkward and that he comes off rude when other people try to talk him, because who cares about their opinions anyway. I think that everyone should care to a certain point. Do you want to spend your college years as a hermit crab in your room 24/7 playing video games because you don't many friends because you come off as stand-offish and rude? Build a wall between yourself and the world because you have this "f*** everyone else" mentality? Or do you want to come out of college with incredible memories thinking, these were the best years of my life?</p>

<p>What people think of you is important. It affects the way people treat you.</p>

<p>Very very much so.</p>

<p>It depends. Do I care if some frat boy thinks I'm a loser for wearing cargo shorts? **** no. Do I care if someone thinks I'm a jerk because I unintentionally come across as abrasive? Yes, and in fact that has happened before. Roommate told me that sometimes I can be a bit of an ass towards her, and I actually appreciated it because I don't want people thinking that of me if I can help it.</p>

<p>e: Even if I did spend college sitting in my room playing video games all day, I'd still try and be nice to people. That's really all I care about... if someone describes me as a nice/good person that's enough for me.</p>

<p>I grew up a University of Michigan fan in Ohio, so no</p>

<p>I could not care less.</p>

<p>I really couldn't care less. I had that time in middle school and for the first year of high school. And honestly, I'm over it. At some point halfway through freshman year, I realized that I was a lot smarter and a lot more interesting than the people I was trying to impress. Therefore, I started doing what I wanted, and I'm a lot happier because of it.</p>

<p>I would say I cared a lot up until this year, my sophomore year of college. Now I have a close group of friends and I know they like me, so I don't feel the need to try to be well-liked around people who I don't know. It's allowed me to do what I want and be who I want to be even more (although all last year I was beginning to discover that).</p>

<p>Also, second semester of freshman year I broke both my arms, leaving me unable to do many things. I could only hold my arms at certain positions from my body, so I could only wear large T-shirts and yoga pants (I couldn't zip jeans, for example). I looked like a bum a lot of the time and there was nothing I could do about it...when you're in that situation for eight weeks you kind of learn how not to care about what others think.</p>

<p>I care what people think of me, but mostly I try to make other people care what I think of them. I do this through the utilization of my fists whom I have endearingly named Roger and O'Shanahan. "Tis better to be feared than loved..." no?</p>

<p>Really though, humans are just animals anyway. And once you learn their habits, you can get by just fine.</p>

<p>take for instance 51% of people you meet like you, and the other 49% doesn't. Would you rather waste your time kissing the a*s of the 49% or would you rather embrace the friendship you can have with the 51%? that's just my philosophy</p>

<p>Of course, anyone who states that they don't care is either naive, in denial or incredibly insecure about how they are perceived.</p>

<p>Those whom I care for hold opinions I care about, but for the majority of people, certainly not.</p>

Do you want to spend your college years as a hermit crab in your room 24/7 playing video games because you don't many friends because you come off as stand-offish and rude?


<p>No, but if someone wants to play video games most of the time, what's the problem?</p>

<p>I care to a certain extent, but I don't change myself for it. I remember going through that phase in middle school and to a lesser extent in high school. I think when I entered college, I just gave up with trying to fit in because I've tried all my life and I like who I am. I never had a huge group of friends, but I like that. And if no one likes my qualities, they're obviously not going to be my friend. As far as styles go, I'm not too stylish and I don't really have the money to afford the designer clothes, but I do try and look nice as opposed to the sweat pants and sweatshirt look.</p>

<p>I do not give a flying s#!t.</p>

<p>It makes it harder to make a lot of friends at a WASP school I go to, but really do not give a flying bird.</p>

<p>I'm still working on it but got a lot better. In the past up to about 5 years ago, my life was based on others thoughts. It was so bad that I used to make up peoples thoughts and believe them to be true.</p>