how much do you pay a year for JHU?

<p>Im so worried about not being able to afford JHU. I cant do more than $15,000 a year. my gpa is 3.5, sat 1200, im in the health field already (cna), and im an honors/ap student.</p>

<p>how much could I expect to pay?</p>

<p>my mom is unemployed, dad makes $75,000 a year, step dad wont reveal how much he makes, and my step mom makes $30,000 a year.</p>

<p>how much should i be paying? and how much do yall pay?</p>

<p>Go to one of the EFC calculators online and figure out how much your own family's EFC would be. You can get more detail on the Financial Aid threads. There is no way anyone here can say how much you should be paying without all of the information that goes into the EFC calculation. </p>

<p>Even then, it's a guesstimate of what you'd receive in financial aid, if accepted; not a firm amount.</p>

<p>On the JHU Online Application, it asked the question: Will you be applying for need-based financial aid? If I answered no, does that help my application?</p>

<p>No - admissions is need blind unless you're international or you're being considered for admission off of the waitlist in the spring</p>

<p>Every financial aid situation is different, so asking what others pay has nothing to do with what you might have to pay.</p>

<p>take jmmom's advice and take a look at the EFC calculator:
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<p>As far as kLuo28's question -- answering "Yes" or "No" on the application to the will you apply for financial aid question has nothing to do with your admissions, and the admission counselors completely ignore this question. The only reason the question is there, is so that the financial aid office can contact applicants interested in financial aid and explain the process for applying. </p>

<p>And tanman is correct that the admissions process is need blind, so saying you will (and actually) applying for financial assistance will have no impact on your application (excpet for international students).</p>