How much do you pay for in-state universities?

<p>The thread regarding the cost of attending Univ of Illinois for the upcoming school year (YIKES!) prompted me to ask this question! Just how much does it cost to send DS/DD to your flagship school? I remember back in the dark ages, there were some very cheap state schools--California and Texas come to mind. Kids from NY could go out of state to school in CA/TX and still pay less than their own state schools. I'm wondering if that is still the case?? I've been told that IS tuition can vary significantly among the state schools within the same state. I believe PA is an example of this--Penn State costs significantly more than other IS schools within their state system. Not sure how that works. It's interesting to compare the OOS fees, making some OOS fees much more reasonable than others. Does anybody know if there is a chart that compares IS rates??</p>

<p>Cost of attendance at UT Austin, undergrad, in the more expensive majors (engineering, etc.) $23,000. ($10,250 of this is tuition and fees. The rest is room/board/travel/books/misc. personal expenses)</p>

<p>UConn...somewhere in the $17-19K range per year...I think for instate students.</p>

<p>The University of Oregon is $6168 for tuition and fees, $8166 for room and board (Fall 2007 costs), adding up to about $14,300. Out-of-staters pay $27,500 for tuition, fees, room, and board. Add a few thousand more for books, transportation, etc. to each of those totals.</p>

<p>Univ of Wyo is just under $10,000 a year for a resident for tuition, room & board, and all fees. </p>

<p>Out of State is about 17K total for all of the above.</p>

<p>Wyo is a very wealthy state right now though with a couple of billion dollar surplus.</p>

<p>For the University of Arizona (in-state):
$5,542 for tuition & fees + $7,812 for room & board = $13,354 per year
OOS tuition & fees is $18,676</p>

<p>For Arizona State University (in-state):
$5,661 for tuition & fees + $8,790 for room & board = $14,451 per year
OOS tuition & fees is $17,949</p>

<p>University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill</p>

<p>2007-2008 Tuition, Fees, Room and Board IN-STATE</p>

<p>Tuition $3,705<br>
Fees $1,635<br>
Room $4,830<br>
Board $2,866 Total $13,036</p>

<p>One of the reasons we moved from the West Coast. Grad school is even more reasonable. NC State's vet school is also very, very affordable.</p>


<p>University of New Hampshire (where we send step-grandson):
$8810 tuition and fees (~$700 extra for engineering or business fees)
$6000~ room and board (many options, this is mid-range)
OOS is $21700 tuition and fees (discount to ~$15K for New England region-not sure of the details of qualifying for this)</p>

<p>The UCs are roughly $22-25K per year including tuition/room & board/etc (in-state). UCLA is around $24K. The Cal States are less expensive. SDSU is roughly $20K. Since the cost of housing/board is much more than the cost of tuition, one can save substantially if they commute from home. In some cases they can save by living off-campus in an apartment.</p>

<p>University of Colorado at Boulder (our flagship school)=</p>

<p>In-state tuition: $6635
out-of-state tuition: $24,797
Room & Board: $****</p>

<p>University of Colorado at Colorado Springs</p>

<p>In-state tuition: $5431
out-of-state tuition: $16,381
room & board: $6898</p>

<p>Colorado State:</p>

<p>In-state tuition: $5418
out-of-state tuition: $18,858
room & board: $7382</p>

<p>I take classes at UCCS (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) and I am always surprised by the number of out-of-state kids. I think cost has alot to do with it.</p>

<p>jmmom--I looked this up at one point and I believe that in order to get the regional discount at UVM you have to want to major in something that they offer that your state U does not. I'm assuming that it is the same for U Maine and U NH.</p>



<p>I believe Consolation is correct. To get the discount, you must be enrolled at UNH in a program that your New England public universities do not offer.</p>

<p>UCF, where my S is ... is about $3600 tuition, which we don't pay because of Bright Futures. He lives on campus even though we live within easy driving distance, and he lives in one of the most expensive dorms (4 single bedrooms w/ full bed, full kitchen, common room, two baths for 4 kids) which is an 11 month contract (~ $9,000/11 mo). The rest run from $2,700-3000/semester). I know that UF, USF, and FSU have an additional $500-1000/yr fee that's not include as "tuition," so bright bright futures won't pay for that.</p>


<p>Consolation and thumper - I was aware of that program but I thought it was a deeper discount (closer to instate); I guess not. Or maybe each state sets it differently.</p>

<p>IU-Bloomington--These are 07/08 costs. There is a lengthy discussion elsewhere indicating that instate is expected to go up about 5% and OOS up 11% for 08-09.</p>

<p>In-state /Out-of-state
Tuition and fees $7,837 /$22,316
Room and board * $6,138–$7,860 /$6,138–$7,860
Total for Academic Year $13,975–$15,627 /$28,454–$30,176 </p>

<p>Purdue--costs for 08/09</p>

Tuition/fees: 7750/23,224
Room and board: $7910/7910
Total: 15,660/31,134</p>

<p>New York State is dirt cheap for in-state students and a steal for out-of-state students. $4,350 per year for tuition for in-state residents, whether they attend one of the four SUNY university centers (Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Stony Brook), our "Honors College", Geneseo, or any of the SUNY colleges (such as New Paltz, Purchase, Oswego). </p>

<p>Tuition for out-of-state residents is around $10,000 per year. An out-of-state resident can expect to attend SUNY BInghamton, our most selective university, for $</p>

<p>Oops! Too quick with the trigger. I was about to say that an OOS resident can attend SUNY Binghamton for about $22,200.</p>

<p>UDel estimated cost of attendance -- $18,398 in-state. Tuition and fees only, $8150</p>

<p>Western Washington university- tuition & fees 06/07 $5,003</p>

Cost of Undergraduate Education 2007-08</p>

<p>Tuition & Required Fees : Virginians $8,690 Non-Virginians $27,940
Room (Average for On-Grounds Housing) & Board $7,435</p>