How much do you pay for utilities?

<p>I am trying to figure out typical utilities expenses.</p>

<p>How much do you usually pay for electricity, gas, water, sewage, trash, and internet per month? How many people live in your apartment?</p>


<p>Oh and how much do you think you spend on food typically? And what percent of the time do you cook and what percent do you eat out?</p>

<p>food is very subjective, you can eat in less and vice versa, some people eat more expensive foods, look at your own diet</p>

<p>I live with one other person and the electric bill is usually $35 a month or less
trash and water are paid by the landlord
internet bill is $25 for dsl or $45 for comcast but you can usually find deals for comcast (ex. 6 months @ $20 a month)</p>