How much does 800 in SAT 2 matter?

<p>Well, I've got several 750+, but perfect only in physics...All the unis I'm applying don't require SAT2 scores, but most of them are the top ones, and it is always good to have high scores...
So the problem is, whether I should retake those 750+ subjects...I'm not sure if I will get 800 anyway, but the scores are very likely to be better...a bit...Does 800 really matter that much? 750+ is not that bad, after all...</p>


<p>why would you ever retake a 750+? at this point, you've proven your competence. time to move on to other things that are now more important.</p>

<p>750s are great scores! 700+ should be good enough for top-tier/ivy league schools. So don't stress over it; you're fine! And remember, scores aren't everything. You've passed the barriers for making sure you get good enough scores so colleges can see you can succeed academically. Once you reach the threshold, other things like ECs and essays are what matters, so focus on writing stellar essays now. Good luck!</p>

<p>True, there are more important things to do. Thx!</p>