How much does an average 3rd Subject test grade (LIT) help for admissions?

<p>I'm doing Math + Chem
How much will a 3rd subject test benefit, if at all?
I'm planning on doing the Lit test
I haven't prepared that much and expect a 650-700
Is this a good idea, or is it better just to have 2 strong scores</p>

<p>(SAT = 2200 +)</p>

<p>none, if only 2 are needed.</p>

<p>A 700+ would be a good score for the literature test, especially considering that an 800 is 98th percentile or something like that.</p>

<p>It would also gives colleges a sense that you're 'well-balanced', and not the typical 'math/science superstar who's only good at math/science'.</p>

<p>I would send the score if it is a 700 or above. Skip it if it's below that.</p>

<p>What if you actually are the typical math/science:</p>

<p>800 IIC
770 Chem
780 Phys</p>

<p>Would a decent latin score (700-750), help much?</p>

<p>PS i'm only a Junior so I have time to take it.</p>

<p>pretty sure there is a high chance I won't get a 700+ but rather 650-700
guess ill skip it, just wondered whether it would make my application look more attractive</p>

<p>@GreedIsGood it certainly won't hurt your application! Besides, Latin seems like a pretty unique subject test, so it might help you stand out.</p>

<p>@PZC1234 I took it not knowing what I would get, and I ended up with a 750... I'd say go for it if you have the time/money/skillz and if you're going to apply to schools that allow score choice.</p>

I'm just wondering whether a 650-690 3rd subject test will help or worsen my app, or is there very little effect?</p>

<p>A solid score in a humanities subject will certainly help a typical math/science kid.</p>

<p>would you say Latin qualifies as a humanities subject?</p>

<p>Yes; languages, history, and the arts are considered 'humanities'</p>