How much does Carleton love the Semifinalists?

<p>I can't remember where I heard it but I remembering hearing that Carleton rarely turns down a NM this maybe just because those who are semifinalists also have strong transcripts? Or do they actually put a lot of stock into the semifinalist status? Just a question.</p>

<p>These should help answer your questions. 16% of D's class of 2008 are NMF's.</p>

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<p>I think it's more of the first factor (semifinalists are overall strong applicants) than the second, but semifinalist does provide a bit more weight in Carleton's admissions than at comparable schools because it likes to brag about how many NMFs it has. You might notice that Carleton has heavier recruiting measures for NM kids, such as through its special mailings (the postcards) and partially-subsidized plane fare for admitted NMFs. So yes, being a NM Semifinalist does help you, but it's not a guarantee of admission by any means. Semifinalists without good grades and tough courseloads or who have little involvement in acitivities aren't the ones Carleton wants to accept. Also, Carleton places quite a bit of weight on demonstrated interest for the school, so an applicant who has shown very little interest in Carleton, NMF or otherwise, will have a tougher time getting in.</p>