How much does college life suck when you can't swim or ride a bike

<p>I'm thinking of going in college in Sacramento or San Diego but I live in California anyways and not to far from water.I like going to beaches and swimming pools but I'm not too tall so I can't walk in deep water.I tried taking lessons last yr but gave up, hopefully I'll stick to it this yr. </p>

<p>I think riding a bike would help save money from taking the bus and maybe time but there's no one I know that could teach me.</p>


<p>By a used bike, put training wheels on it ... gradually raise the wheels .. you can teach yourself.</p>

<p>I don't like swimming and I don't own a bike (do know how to ride one) and I get by fine.</p>

<p>I don't know how to ride a bike, and you don't have to swim to go the beach- you can wade or just sunbathe/play volleyball/skeeze on good looking people.</p>

<p>I haven't swam at all since I started going to college.</p>

<p>As for biking: where I go, most people just walk everywhere, even though I love to bike around. Most bicycle enthusiasts will love to teach you, though!</p>

<p>Why would you walk in water</p>

<p>I can't swim and have NO intention of learning.</p>

<p>I do know how to ride a bike and try to get a new one every other summer. I don't ride my bike to or around school and very few people around here do. Your school doesn't sell discounted bus passes? At mine, the cost is factored into our tuition so we don't have to pay to ride the bus. You might want to look into that.</p>

<h1>1. How do you not know how to ride a bike?</h1>

<h1>2. Learn to swim. You can take classes at the Y or some other local pool and this is a necessary life skill. Not knowing how to swim kills many.</h1>

<p>Actually, last year, one of the girls who lived on the same floor of my dorm didn't know how to jump. Like, even just up and down, jump. But, she had super awesome roommates and friends, and they taught her. She was so proud of herself, and we were so happy for her, so for a while, she would just come into the lobby and show us what her roommates and friends had taught her. I don't think you really need to worry about not being able to swim or ride a bike, but if it comes up, someone will teach you. There might be a few extra smiles from your peers, but you'll definitely become a lot closer to them in the process.</p>

<p>I can't do either of those things. I can't ride a bike because I have a dog with me 24/7 and I'm not coordinated enough.
I can't swim, and my friend tried to teach me but I just can't do it.
It's never really been a problem</p>

<p>O good to know,I guess,that I'm not the only one..but now I just remember I don't know how to do a cartwheel but o well its not like it could prevent someone from dying</p>


<p>You don't need to be to tall in order to be able to swim XD I am 5'2'' and I have learnt swimming when I was in grade 3 in water that's twice my height.</p>

<p>Why would college life suck if you can't swim or have a bike? Most colleges have free bus systems for students to get around. My school, Penn State, is GIGANTIC, and I don't even own a bike since the transportation is so good here. As far as swimming goes, I'll admit that I did not learn how to tread water until this past summer. I was always afraid of it, but I was always jealous of watching my friends go jump into the lake or the deep end of the pool during vacations and parties, so I finally toughened up and started with the shallow. Surprisingly, it took me about 20 minutes max to find my niche with treading water. The trick is to slightly float on your back and sticking your hips/lower body forward and kicking and stroking in swirls. Kind of hard to explain, but once you learn, you just want to jump in the water!</p>

<p>"Why would you walk in water"</p>

<p>Personally, I prefer walking on it.</p>

<p>I would definitely learn to swim. You never know when you could save someone's life. My husband's high school required that you learn to swim in order to graduate. Water is everywhere and if in the future you have kids, or your siblings have kids and one falls in, you would want to have the basic skills to be able to help them and not panic yourself.</p>



<p>She can always walk on water. (A la Jesus)</p>

<p>Or transcend Jesus, and swim on land.</p>

Actually, last year, one of the girls who lived on the same floor of my dorm didn't know how to jump. Like, even just up and down, jump.


<p>lol isn't that like a basic motor skill?</p>

<p>^That's what I was thinking.</p>

<p>Most colleges offer swimming as a PE course. Just plan to take it then if the college of your choice has PE requirements. You'll need to stick with it for your grade. </p>

<p>Don't learn to swim with a goal to possibly save someone else's life. Learn it to possibly save YOUR OWN life one day and to feel more comfortable around water.</p>

<p>Is Stony Brook the only school in existence WITHOUT a PE requirement?</p>