How much does coming from a feeder school help your application?

<p>Hey I was wondering how much does coming from a feeder school help your application. My school is sort of a feeder to: MX, Andover, and Concord. It sends a decent amount to those three. So how much would that potentially help my application?</p>

<p>the thing about all feeder schools is that you compete only within your school--with your classmates and no one else.</p>

<p>In my class only like three other kids are applying to boarding schools. And I get better grades, do more ECs, than all three of them. So that's a good thing for me. But the problem is I don't know which boarding schools that they are applying to.</p>

<p>... how is that a feeder school then</p>

<p>i can't really say much because i'm basing this off my knowledge of boarding schools -> college... if you go to a HADES school you probably only compete with the people of your grade level. that is all.</p>

<p>ECs are also measured by quality not quantity...</p>

<p>I wouldn't say a feeder school matters as much as the strength of your current school say if you come from a very good k-12 NYC prep school or a NYC k-9 pre-prep (but i suppose that they are feeder schools)</p>

In my year there are only 15 kids so 4/15 isn't bad. And maybe a "feeder" school implies that it sends something like 50% of it's graduates to that school. My school doesn't send that many to any school, but it does send a decent amount to: BC high, St. Sebastian's, MX, Concord, Portsmouth Abbey, and in some years Andover. So I guess my school wouldn't be a "feeder" school, but some of the school's I'm applying to do know my school.</p>

So I guess my school wouldn't be a "feeder" school, but some of the school's I'm applying to do know my school.


I don't know if I didn't follow correctly, but this is not what you base a feeder school off of. Admissions officers have traveled to many (if not all) states and know most schools. The guy I interviewed with knew both of the schools I had been to in the last 3 years and they were in different states! My school is not a feeder school, but if yours is, your reasoning shouldn't just be based on if the BS knows your current school.</p>

Yeah, looking back on this thread I feel kind of stupid posting this. I mean, I don't think that my school is a "feeder school", but I do know that some boarding schools have taken kids from my school in the past. I just know that some admissions officers are familiar with my school, and say that they like my school, so I guess I should rephrase this to, "How does going to a school that sends a decent amount of kids to prep school help your application?"
And btw my school probably isn't a "feeder school". A feeder school sends around 50% of its students to a certain school. My school doesn't do that to any high school.</p>

<p>i think if you schools is a feeder you have a good chance because MX, andover, and concord know your current schools program and see the students that it produces. its always good for boarding schools to know your current school, it gives them a better connection and they can understand the student alot more.</p>

My school does have a "unique program". It's an arts concentration school. We spend a lot of time on music, and also there's been no grade inflation. Literally only one kid has a 4.0 GPA. I get good grades (Usually out of six academics classes, 3-5 are A's, 1-3 are A-'s.) but not as good as some kids on this board. So I need a school which understands that at my school almost no students make straight A's.</p>

<p>is your school a private or a public exam schools or an arts school? is it a high school or middle school i didnt catch what form your in? and what boarding school does your school feed to?</p>

<p>My schools is a private arts concentration school. It's a middle school (5-8) and it sends some kids to: BC high, St. Sebastian's, MX, Concord Academy, and in some years, Andover. And I'm a rising eighth grader btw.</p>