How much does it cost to do laundry at Georgetown?

<p>At my present school its free but I think Georgetown charges a fee. How much is it and how do you pay for it? Do they charge separately for the dryer?</p>

<p>$1.25 per machine (washer and dryer separate), which is to say that each load will cost you $2.50.</p>

<p>^ughh... where am I gonna find so many coins every time I need to do laundy..</p>

<p>BTW do you know how much does printing/copying cost? I thought you might know : -)</p>

<p>You pay for both laundry and printing/copying with your GoCard, which eliminates the need for coins. Printing is 10 cents/sheet unless you're in the MSB in which case you get, I think, 1000 sheets free at the MSB Tech Center.</p>

<p>Here is more information on printing if you're in the MSB:</p>

<p>MSB</a> Technology Center</p>