How much does off campus housing cost?

I keep reading that off campus hosing is very expensive in Boulder, can anybody give an estimate of what expensive means? My older daughter is at Tulane and I’m wondering if Boulder could be more expensive than New Orleans? I am actually paying D19’s first month/security deposit on her house for the 2021/22 school year today so it got me wondering about other schools.

Also do all/ almost all kids move off campus sophomore year?

Thank you!

It depends a lot on where you live and how nice it is. The rental properties in Boulder are mostly old and dated. The new and nice places tend to be really outrageous.

I think $1000 a bedroom is a good general number. Keep in mind most places in Boulder are limited to 3 non-related residents, so often a 2 bedroom apartment can only hold 3 people.

A lot of students live outside of Boulder (Superior and Longmont are popular) because of cost.

Padmapper is a good place to see apartments and what they rent for.

Also, Boulder is expensive for everything from a burger to gas, and that adds up. Generally things are 10% less when you leave Boulder.

@AlwaysMoving Thank you! I know our friend who goes there is living in a tiny apartment and they do have 3 in a 2 bedroom but she is also very frugal and couldn’t imagine spending more than she absolutely needed to. $1000 a bedroom is the same price we heard at Tulane and that is exactly what we found at a very nice house pretty close to campus.

I did watch a few Youtube student reviews last night and heard the town in general was expensive. Some of those reviews are so funny!