how much does qualifying for the Harvey S. Mudd Merit Award...

<p>improve your chances at admission in general?</p>

<p>just curious.</p>

<p>Mudd</a> Student Body Profile</p>

<p>Don't know how many are rejected who meet the merit criteria, but based on the stats at the above link, I'd think that any non-URM males who didn't meet those criteria would have a hard time getting in unless they have truly unusual attributes of other types. Apparently, 93% of this year's frosh were in the top 10% of their HS class (at least among those with HS that ranked)--and 25% were in the top 2 spots in their class. Middle fifty percent SATs of those attending come close to catching the scholarship criteria on the low end of the range:</p>

<p>Critical Reading: 690-760
Writing: 680-760
Math: 740-800
Math 2 Subject: 750-800 </p>

<p>I know that my son was very relieved to receive word of acceptance last year despite easily meeting the scholarship criteria.</p>

<p>Its certainly a very good start, but its not that straightforward in my opinion.</p>

<p>I happen to not meet the requirements of the reward and have been admitted TWICE. You need to show a passion for learning, not just brilliance(must be shown too though). You will be doing a lot of work here, and being lazy will get u slammed no matter how smart you are.</p>

<p>Also, I happen to be a white/asian male from souther california. No hooks upon first admission.</p>

<p>thank you for the responses.</p>

<p>yeah i wasnt implying that the only thing i have would be meeting the criteria, i was just wondering on average if it helps.</p>

<p>I could tell; my post was a response to post #2 more so. The admissions process is so much more complicated than the few things accounted for in the scholarship.</p>

<p>Personally, I would view the scholarship as independent of admission, though the former is a good indicator for the latter. If you qualify for the scholarship, then you know your test scores and rank are high enough. Then its time to worry about :</p>

<p>strength of workload
writing good essays


<p>I don't think we really disagree. From my outsider's perspective, meeting the scholarship criteria isn't enough for admission, although it should help, particularly if you don't stand out in an unusual manner. </p>

<p>My memory may be getting faulty, but weren't you actively involved in research in the biology/disease area during your application periods? If so, that would have been not only a clear display of science-related passion, but probably a great "hook" to a school like Mudd. Strengths of that type should stand an applicant in very good stead, regardless of whether they line up the test scores to meet the scholarship criteria. As you note in your last post, HMC is looking for a lot more than mere test proficiency.</p>

<p>In any event, good luck to the original poster (My son loves Mudd). And, again from my non-admission office standpoint, it seemingly would help on average to meet the criteria.</p>

<p>I'd think that any non-URM males who didn't meet those criteria would have a hard time getting in unless they have truly unusual attributes of other types.</p>

<p>That particular statement was what caused my response. And yes I was involved in biophysics research, but not until after the admission deadline. I certainly think it helped for my transfer shots, but that is a whole different ball game. I believe it was my essays and my 7 AP/year schedule that got me the first time.</p>

<p>I agree with #5 post.</p>

<p>To prospective students: please don't think too hard about your test scores. I did not get the Merit award (I think I only got one part of the 4 requirements), but I have been accepted and do very well here. On the flip side, simply qualifying for the award does NOT mean that you will be accepted, just that you're on the right track. The admissions office here looks at more than grades, scores, gender, and ethnicity -- they are small enough to actually take into account whether a student's personality is a "fit" with the school. So if you think Harvey Mudd sounds like it fits you,</p>