How much does SAT factor into admission to Occidental?


I’ve been looking into Occidental, and have recently visited their campus. It’s beautiful, and I’d love to attend there for their Film Production program. However, it’s a bit of a reach school for me. I took my SAT for the first time recently, and a 1100 really isn’t the best. My gpa is a 3.8, but I’m a bit worried. Would they even consider me if I scored a 1100? I’m just horrible at standardized testing, and I could definitely take it in December again for a better score, but it’ll be a huge grind for me; i’m not sure if i’d be able to do it. Is it possible for me to still get in with my current score?

Take a look at Occidental’s common dataset and you will see that Standardized tests are considered Important however, GPA, HS course rigor and GPA are Very Important. Section C7

As with most schools, your overall application will be considered so if you excel in all areas except your SAT, then you could be fine but your SAT is well below the 25th percentile for the school.

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing::
25th percentile: 640

75th Percentile: 710

SAT Math::

25th percentile: 630

75th percentile: 740

I would recommend you sit for the December SAT and try to bump up your score into the 1300 range.

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Hi! Thanks so much. Ill try to retake it then. I’m just a little worried. I only have about 3 weeks, and some of those days ill be on vacation because of thanksgiving break. Plus, paying a late fee of 80 dollars for the December SAT. I hope I can figure things out. :,)

Good luck with Oxy, but please consider some test optional schools as well. There’s more every year. Pitzer, Lewis and Clark, Whitman are some west coast ones. Also there’s LMU which is not test optional but has great film majors and lower SAY admission stats than Oxy.