how much does stanford care about 2nd semester grades?

<p>Will I get rescinded? Accepted EA.
I had a 3.8 when I applied... This second semester will look like this</p>

<p>AP Chem - C or maybe even D!!!
AP AMerican Gov A
AP Calc - C....
Manufacturing Tech A</p>

<p>Do I kiss stanford goodbye? Have you heard of kids getting low grades second semester and still getting in??? By the way I did get a C and two B's last semester and didn't get a warning. But since it got even worse I'm kind of worried.
Should I write stanford a letter about my grades and explain my situation?</p>

<p>What circumstances do you have beyond easing off the gas pedal knowing you're into college?
Get your act together, keep studying hard, and be ready for college.</p>

<p>A few Cs/B/few As may put you in a tight spot--and a D very well may cause your admission to be rescinded.</p>

<p>get your chem/calc grade up</p>

<p>Talk to your teachers about your grades. See if there is any sort of special arrangement they can do so that you can bring up your grade, like a project or something. I don't think your teachers would want you to get rescinded from getting a bad grade in their class.</p>

<p>should i send a letter explaining my circumstances? I didn't just completely slack off because I knew I was in.</p>

<p>Dude don't worry about it. Even if you didn't say anything at most they'd give you a warning and tell you to shape up for college. It's an extremely rare thing to be rescinded, especially at a top notch school, you'd have to seriously at least get a D/fail in multiple classes. A couple of B's and C's won't hurt you. You worked hard for almost four years to get into STANFORD, they know that as much as you and won't take it away for two C's in difficult subjects and some Bs.</p>

<p>what if I get a D in ap chem and a c in ap calc?</p>

<p>why are your grades so low?
A couple of Cs or a D can get you in trouble.</p>

<p>because i put on more hours at work, to help my mom out - family stuff.
I thought i could handle it but i was wrong.
And nngmm, what do you mean trouble? Will I get a stern letter, or well I get rescinded??? I'm really worried.</p>

<p>lwk row dude row!</p>

<p>your reasons are good but don't hurt yourself.</p>

<p>I think you might have a pretty good chance of being rescinded if you get the D. DEFINITELY talk to your TEACHERS about your grades. </p>

<p>UC's rescind people for 1 D.</p>

<p>I'd say that was a pretty dumb thing to do.</p>

UC's rescind people for 1 D.


<p>I believe that's if it's in an a-g requirement for admission.</p>

<p>Stanford would probably rescind your admission if you got a D... unless you had a really good explanation.</p>

<p>I have another question relating to this one. Does Stanford care about community college course you are taking on the high school campus? I've got a weighted 4.0 with four classes for my high school. I'm taking two community college courses at my high school, Political Science and Calculus. Poli Sci is fine but I'm just worried about Calculus which is hovering precariously at a C...but it doesn't count on my GPA on my high school transcript and I had a C in Calculus last semester, a C in Precal for my second semester of junior year, and I got no notice from Stanford about this.</p>

<p>So, basically, how much does Stanford care about these at-high-school CC courses? For the record, I don't plan to major in anything like mathematics.</p>


<p>Alf90: Did stanford receive a midterm report for your cc classes? If they did, then yes they would care about them just like normal classes, but I doubt 1 c will rescind you.</p>

<p>If they didn't, then just don't send in a transcript of those classes and you're safe.</p>

<p>My high school official transcript has the cc courses with just the grade but it's not counted for my GPA. I found it odd that the cc course would even be on there, but it's there. I sent nothing from the actual community college which makes me wonder how much Stanford actually cares.</p>

<p>Again, I have gotten no warning email from Stanford or anything of the like and my grade was a C in Calculus at the midyear. In fact, I've gotten a plethora of email from Stanford in one big pile and even a scribbled note on one letter about how much they liked my essay. My worst case scenario with that class is that I screw up and end up getting a D because I have been struggling but it is my only noticeable fault on my second semester</p>

<p>Here's my grades from first semester:
Calculus (cc course): C
AP English Lit: B
Political Science (cc course): C
AP Physics B: B
Film Arts: A
Athletics: A
Weighted GPA of 4.0</p>

<p>So far, for my second semester:
Calculus (cc course): C? D? I've emailed my professor to confirm my grade.
AP English Lit: B, I'm confident in keeping it there and maybe even getting an A
Political Science (cc course): B, working on a A.
AP Physics B: B
Film Arts: A
Athletics: A</p>

<p>I know there are probably people out there with worse situations than me, but still, I'd like to have a little more peace of mind.</p>