How much does your SAT score affect scholarship money?

<p>Yes, I know it varies from college to college, but surely there is a general number. For instance, how much could a 1500 over a 1450 give towards scholarship? (only CR + M)</p>

<p>Again, depends on the college. The better the scholarship and more selective/popular the school, the higher the SAT score requirement. Not even that many colleges give out scholarships based on SAT scores, so you'll have to check the specific website of each college you have in mind. Also, in many cases, GPA and other factors and taken into account in addition to standardized test scores, so it all varies greatly from case to case.</p>

<p>High sat is only useful for NMSQT</p>

<p>Some universities, such as the University of Pittsburgh, give full ride scholarships based heavily on SAT scores. In these cases, a 50 point difference could mean a huge difference in aid. It really depends on the universities you are looking at. Check their websites and perhaps look at previous winners.</p>

High sat is only useful for NMSQT


<p>Actually, a high SAT score is useless for NMSQT unless you qualify with a high PSAT score first. Though a qualifier must score well on the SAT to validate his/her high PSAT score.</p>

<p>My friend passed SAT in 2007, and got 2100.In addition he passed SAT Subject Test Math(both)+Chemistry+Physics+France+Biology. And 20 universities offered him free education.</p>