How much financial aid could I receive?

<p>I am an international applicant who gave A levels. My unweighted G.P.A is 3.8 and sat score of 2070. I have ok ECAs and good recomendations so if colleges like Mount Holyoke and Smith even gives me an admission, will I recieve a financial aid? My mum makes less than 10000 dollars a year so I can't even consider college without any forms of aid.</p>

<p>In general, there is very little aid to international students. Just went though the Beliot College inquiry, they have 4 full tuition scholarships for internationals but they still require $10K+/year from the applicants to pay for the room/board/personals.</p>

<p>You should contact those schools that you got admitted or applying to for FA info.</p>

<p>Neither Smith or Mount Holyoke are need blind to international students. This means that your ability to pay will be a factor in the admissions process. Your needing pretty close to the full cost of attendance to attend either school will work against you.</p>

<p>I was hoping I could pay a part of the cost through working part time or something but I have no idea how much part-time workers in the states earn. Thanks for answering though.</p>

<p>You will not be eligible to work in the states as an international student. In addition, you will need a certificate of finances that prove that you have funding for 4 years of college before you will be granted a visa.</p>

<p>Also....some of these schools will want the financial info about your father.</p>

<p>It's unlikely you're going to get enough money to pay for all costs...tuition, room, board, fees, personal expenses, insurance, and international travel. some schools specifically say that they don't include the cost of international travel in their COAs...just the cost of local transportation. So, int'l travel costs alone could be a couple thousand per year. </p>

<p>and, yes, you have to show that you have all the money upfront before you get a visa. The US doesn't want int'l students coming here and then not having the funds to pay their way while they're here or their return trip home. </p>

<p>What are your options within your country?</p>

<p>It impossible to get almost full aid from these schools, gut any are competing for it. You are in much better shape if you are from a country that sends few applicants. It's worth a try.</p>

<p>Op's numbers place her directly in the middle for both schools</p>

g.p.a of 3.98 (unweighted) and a sat score of 2070 (680 cr, 690 w and 700 m).


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<p>While she may apply to Mount Holyoke SAT optional, she must submit SAT scores to Smith</p>

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