how much is a "significant decline"?

<p>so when i got my likely letter in december, it said:
"In making that decision, we assume that you will maintain your current academic and personal standards. Our decision to offer you admission would be altered only by a significant decline in your performance or by conduct that raises serious questions of character or maturity, the conditions on which our admissions offers are made."</p>

<p>i know this sounds bad, but what do you think would be considered a "significant decline"? lol my grades have gone from all A's to 3 A's and 2 B's - and one of those B's is hanging on for its life. i've never gotten a C in my life, so this is freaking me out. senioritis hit me HARD! help!</p>

<p>C would be a problem, but the Bs would be fine. I would seriously avoid getting that C if you can though....</p>

<p>Cs are not a problem at all.
Avoid Ds and Fs, which are unsatisfactory and failing grades.</p>

<p>just curious, what if you get all Bs?</p>

<p>If you got all B's, it's unlikely that you would even get the "We're concerned about this -- what happened?" letter. Which is nothing to worry about even if you do get it.</p>

<p>yeah i'm not gonna get any more B's. even if i tried i couldn't. those classes are jokes. i'm not gonna get any C's either. it's a new trimester, so i start clean (whew!).</p>