How much is American U

<p>I have always heard the sticker price is not the real price of the tuition. I was informed most schools drop the price, is this true? If so, how much is American U?</p>

<p>Tuition is tuition. If you are from an affluent family with only so so stats, that is what you will pay. If you have high stats you can get merit scholarships. If you family is not affluent, you may get need based grants.</p>

<p>No school will lower its price just to be nice.</p>

<p>Colleges do not "drop the price." You will have to apply for financial aid and see what you get from federal aid and from the university. As tomofboston said, there is also merit aid if you have high stats, but there is no way we could tell you a definite amount that you would receive. </p>

<p>My best suggestion is to go to the College Board site and do the EFC calculator. That will give you an idea of what the federal government and most universities will expect you to pay out of pocket.</p>

<p>On the college board site, you can also look up each college, click on financial aid, and see the average amounts of need based and merit aid given out by each college. </p>

<p>American stresses merit aid for the top 15% of applicants.</p>

<p>does AU implement the no loan tuition aid for applicants whose parents make under 40000 or EFC of 0?</p>

<p>No. AU does not guarantee to meet need.</p>

<p>AU says they meet most demonstrated need - I believe it is around 80%.</p>

<p>I personally don't understand no loan policies. I think every student should have to fund part of their education. Certainly loans can be used to excess, but there are some students who won't treat their education seriously if they are not financing some of it.</p>

<p>There are only a few very rich schools with no loan policies for low income students. Some colleges who tried it for a year had to backtrack during the Recession.</p>

<p>AU's full cost that they figured with tution, room and board, books and extra expenses is roughly $50,000 a year. I didn't receive merit aid as far as I know so far but I did receive grant money.</p>