How much is it really gonna help?

<p>So I've been studying and studying for the ACT and SAT lately. I feel that these are going to be absolutely essential to my college resume. You see, my freshman and sophomore years I didn't care much and, being sure to always take the AP and honors classes, I got straight Bs. This year, my junior year, I really bumped it up and got straight As. It felt great but truly I am heartbroken (a bit of an exaggeration) because I have realized that I could be at the top of my class if I had started doing this from the start. Assuming I get straight As for the rest of high school, my WEIGHTED GPA will be only a 4.0. This past semester it was a 4.33. So I took the ACT and got a 32 and the SAT and got CR of 630 and math of 680. I have a TON of ECs and volunteering. So I'm doing a lot of prep work for these tests and aiming for an ACT score of 34-35 and an SAT with 700+ in CR and 740+ in math (I'm not too worried about writing I already got a 650, eh).</p>

<p>My first choice of college is absolutely UNC and I realize it's hard to get in, my college counselor pretty much told me to not bother. So how much do you guys think better scores will help my resume? Am I absolutely screwed in admissions because of my slacking freshman and sophomore years?</p>

<p>I've heard that colleges like to see improvement throughout high school. So the fact that your grades have improved says a lot of good things about you: you're dedicated, you're willing and able to change for the better, and you are able to adapt.</p>

<p>^ You're better at the ACT forget the SAT and study for the ACT and retake it.</p>

<p>Its at least worth applying. Looking at numbers you have at least something of a shot, and if I were in your shoes I'd definatly apply. You've gotta have some reaches, I'm applying to Texas with a Weighted 3.8 and an 1820 (Pending ACT, likely 28ish). you never know how the gods of college admissions will smile upon you.</p>

<p>I had a friend with a 4.6 (Valadictorian, #1 in the school) with a 2290 that got rejected from MIT and Stanford and waitlisted at Harvy Mud, Harvard and Duke. I have another friend thats going to USC with a 3.6 and only one AP (I don't know what her SATs were like, but still)</p>

<p>Your dream school, as long as its not bat (explative) crazy, is worth the ap.</p>

<p>@shaheiruddin but some schools want both don't they? especially if I need it to prove my intelligence (bc my grades don't show it). I mean would it be worth a second shot at taking it? I'm def taking the ACT again</p>

<p>^ School want either the ACT with Writing or the SAT. Which ever one is your highest etc.</p>

<p>Oh its just my college counselor said that highly selective schools would want to see both</p>

<p>Your counselor is a <strong><em>ing idiot.
How the *</em></strong> do these morons get so much *
** wrong? Its their job.</p>

<p>Almost all highly selective schools accept either, and while many schools say they have no preference, they usually do (based on location). Also, it would be to your advantage to try both and see which one you score better on, as some people are better at the ACT than the SAT, or vice versa (unless you don't have enough time to study). It would not be an advantage towards admission to submit both, however.
Then there's all those complicated issues of score choice for the SAT; the Ivies allow score choice, some selective colleges demand all test-taking history.</p>

<p>THANK YOU! perfect! So since I found an effective SAT self tutor thing, i've been doing pretty well on practice SAT tests. Should I sign up for the ACT again as well though?</p>

<p>and @meteman: i know, right?</p>