How much is my writing score going to hurt me.

<p>CR800, M790, W670.
5 on AP English Language, straight A's in English class.</p>

<p>My counselor told me that given the holistic nature of the admissions process, I shouldn't retake it given that my reading score might go down by a significant margin to a 730/750ish score. But I am not sure.</p>

<p>Any input is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I think it really depends on what schools you’re thinking about applying to. In most cases, I would agree with your counselor…your CR and M scores are very high and there is certainly a risk that they may go down if you retake. Therefore, unless if you are consistently scoring 800 on practice tests, then I wouldn’t retake in most cases. However, if you are applying to HYPSM tier schools, then I may consider retaking only b/c if you don’t have any other hooks, then many times, those schools prefer a 2300+</p>

<p>Retake it if you can easily bring that writing score up to a 750+. There’s no use in prepping endlessly just to get a couple of extra points. Plus, even if your CR score goes down a bit, you have the benefit of superscore. Use your intuition. If the writing score bothers you, retake it!</p>

<p>Most schools superscore the SAT, meaning they look at the highest score in each section, from any test date. Schools that don’t superscore would still like to see a higher score, so go for it!</p>

<p>but a 200,800,800+800,200,200 is not the same as 800,800,800 in a single sitting right?
I doubt colleges will ONLY look at the superscore. Sure, they superscore, but I think if my reading score goes down significantly (to a 730 range) it would hurt me, no?</p>

<p>Lol, I thought you had already decided…</p>

<p>If it worries you this much, then I would retake it.</p>

<p>It is better to live in nostalgia than in regret.</p>

<p>LOL hi again juniormint haha…
i am just so freaking paranoid.
Ok, you know what, f the SAT. I am done with this crap…
i’m out lol</p>

<p>If you apply to a school like Cornell, they’re going to say you have a 1590/1600 lol…</p>

<p>@masteryster the problem is im applying to HYP…along with uchicago (which doesn’t look at writing), williams, and amherst (which doesn’t look at writing)</p>

<p>Yeah but realistically, you’re not gonna get a 200 on a section that you’ve already gotten a 800 on. What’s the worst you could do on CR? Maybe a 750? Schools are not going to look at a 750 and label that inconsistent with an 800. Everyone has a performance range.</p>

<p>This is how I improved my writing 140 points, youtube search sat grammar bootcamp ans watch all 30 videos. You will get an 800</p>

<p>@nelkypie but i might get something in the low 700 or high 600 range…because i’ve really lost the motivation to restudy all the vocab for CR… :(</p>

<p>If I were you, I’d bow out right now, take what I have and run with it! I’m not looking at those top tier schools mainly because of the cost, so that score would be fine in my book. However if you want to do it for personal achievement, then by all means go for it. Personally I don’t care for writing too much and wouldn’t be bothered by it. But hey, I’m me and you’re you so ultimately it is your choice. Do what you think will benefit you the most not only in regards to your future, but also in the sense of regret.</p>